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IUD Removal Fears - Put to Rest


Updated June 05, 2014

IUD Removal Fears - Put to Rest

Are you having IUD removal apprehension? Paula F. emailed wanting to know:

“I am coming up to the end of my 5th year on the Mirena IUD. I know that I need to schedule my appointment to have it removed, I’m scared to do it! Though not terrible, the insertion was a little uncomfortable. I heard taking it out REALLY hurts! Is this true? Also, can I have another one inserted in the same visit? I just love this birth control method.”

Actually, an IUD removal is often easier, less painful, and quicker than the insertion of one. Plus, if you'd like, you can easily have a new Mirena IUD or ParaGard IUD inserted immediately after your old IUD is removed ( in the same doctor’s visit).

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