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Promising News About the Standard Days Method of Contraception

By March 2, 2009

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Through 14 pilot studies around the world, family planning associations, ministries of health, and community development organizations studied the Standard Days Method (SDM) is a fertility awareness method of birth control. It attempts to balance the need to provide effective pregnancy protectionwith minimallyrestricting a woman's fertile period.

These 14 pilot studies included a total of 1,646 diverse women. Data from these studies revealed that the Standard Days Method was an accepted option for women who did not want to use any type of birth control device. Another important finding was that the SDM allows formore male involvementand allowed for greater communication between acouple.

To be most effective, couples mustacknowledge the importance of tracking the length of one's cycleandpractice abstinenceor use condoms during the woman's most fertile times. Overall, this research shows that the Standard Days Method of family planning can meet the needs of a variety of women with varying characteristics and circumstances.


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