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The Great Domed Protector...

By April 16, 2012

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When researching some of the earliest forms of birth control, it becomes apparent that contraception has been around since the earliest civilizations. Using what was available to them at the time, women throughout history have shown their ingenuity and determination to prevent pregnancy. Historical records reveal accounts of Egyptian women inserting the tips of an acacia shrubs along with dates, honey and cotton internally, where their body temperatures fermented it into an ingredient which is actually now found in spermicides! Through the ages, you can find accounts of women using home remedies like sponges soaked in vinegar or dipped in lemon juice as barriers to block sperm. It is through such tenacity that contraceptive methods have evolved to what is available in today's day and age.

Diaphragms have been used consistently ever since the 1830s. They are revered as being the first major innovation for women seeking personal control to protect themselves from an unintended pregnancy. There have been many improvements in their design and effectiveness, so diaphragm use still remains a popular barrier method birth control choice for many women.

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