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Dawn Stacey M.Ed, LMHC

Who Should Be the Keeper of the Condom?

By December 11, 2013

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The thought of having to negotiate the use of birth control with a new partner leaves many people with that yucky feeling in the pit of their stomachs. Many couples may never even discuss contraception until "the moment" (requiring it) is about to take place. Unfortunately, many men seem to just expect that their woman is on the pill whereas many women are relying that their man is carrying a condom. Where does the responsibility lie?

The best case situation is that the couple had already discussed birth control before finding themselves caught in the heat of the moment. It seems like men have always had the unspoken role of being the keeper of the condom. Do woman feel that they will come across as "easy" if they carry condoms? Do men find it sexy for women to whip out the condom when it's time? Some women may feel angry with this responsibility - after all, woman seem to already shoulder the burden when it comes to most contraceptive methods (such as all the prescription options). Is it fair that they should be responsible for supplying condoms as well?

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December 11, 2013 at 2:49 pm
(1) mark rob says:

To avoid pregnancy and for safe sex,man have to use condoms.
To avoid such kind of things,its not necessary that it is responsibility of only one person.

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