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Dawn Stacey M.Ed, LMHC

New Year’s Resolutions – Be Prepared and Have Safe Sex!

By January 2, 2014

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Given that this is the beginning of a new year, do you find yourself lost in "new year's resolutions" thought?  As we find ourselves seeking out new love relationships or strengthening the ones we are already in, remember to be thinking... Birth Control! I know that choosing the right contraceptive is not an easy task and is a very personal decision. While writing up your resolutions for this year, add picking out a reliable birth control method to the list - one that you feel comfortable using. Research shows that you will be more likely to use your contraception (and use it correctly) if it fits into your lifestyle. One of my resolutions is to provide you all with the most comprehensive birth control information that I can.

With so much information out there - you may be wondering where to even begin? It would be great if we could just spin a wheel and have it land on "use Mirena" or "NuvaRing is for you." Until that approach becomes more dependable, how about starting with determining the reasons why you want to use contraception? Before even attempting the task of tackling all the available information about birth control methods, first, stop and breathe, then take a look at yourself, your lifestyle, and your needs:

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