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Condom Quiz

Take Our Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Condoms and Test Your Condom Sense

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If you are not ready to take this Condom Quiz, first learn more about condoms as a birth control method by reading some of the articles below:

Condom Information:

  • All About Male Condoms
    Information about the male condom as a method of contraception is presented as well as some of the advantages, disadvantages, reliability, cost, and risks.

  • How Do I Choose a Condom?
    Choosing the right condom may seem like a hard choice. Make "condom sense" of different shapes, colored, and textured -- condom use, condom sizes, and brands are also discussed. What do you think is the best condom?

  • Condom Types
    There are many condom types available. How do you pick from all the condom brands? When choosing a condom style, consider condom use: is the condom for sex play or for contraception? Learn about colored condoms, flavored condoms, and warming condoms. Plus, find out about pleasure shaped, glow-in-the-dark, and French tickler condom types.

  • Condoms and Water Sex
    Is sex under water safe? Some people may tend spice up their sex life while vacationing in romantic places. Having water sex requires planning ahead of time, since birth control that contain spermicide are not suitable for intercourse in the sea, pool, hot tub or bathtub. Follow this guide to knowing which condoms, lubrications, and contraceptives are suitable for sex under water. Information about condom use in pools and hot tubs included.

  • How To Respond to Men's Excuses for Not Wanting to Wear a Condom
    It is not uncommon for women to hear all types of excuses for why men don't want to wear a condom. Here are some of the more popular reasons that men give. Learn possible ways how to reply to their objections!
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