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Emergency Contraception Quiz

Take My Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Emergency Contraception

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If you are not ready to take this Quiz, you can learn more about Emergency Contraception first by reading some of the following articles about this contraceptive method:

Emergency Contraception Resources:

  • All About Emergency Contraception
    Emergency contraception has been available for more than 30 years and is a safe and effective way to help prevent a potential unwanted pregnancy.

  • The Emergency Contraception Debate
    The use of emergency contraception or Plan B One-Step continues to be a source of controversy in the United States. Some of the debate stems from people confusing Plan B One-Step with the abortion pill (RU486)

Emergency Contraceptive Options:

  • Plan B One-Step EC
    Learn all about Plan B One-Step including information about it's cost, side effects, where to obtain, and when to use.

  • My Way, Take Action, and Next Choice One Dose
    These morning-after pills are generic alternative to Plan B One-Step. They help to prevent pregnancy in the same way as Plan B One-Step.

  • Next Choice
    This emergency contraceptive is a cheaper, 2-pill generic alternative for the old Plan B.

  • Ella
    This is a newer type of emergency contraception. It does not contain any hormones and can taken 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex or contraception failure.

Morning-After Pill: Past and Present:

  • History of Emergency Contraception
    The good, the bad, the ups, and the downs of this long journey.

  • Plan B Court Case
    Decided in 2013, Tummino v. Hamburg paved the way for the over-the-counter access of Plan B One-Step.

  • Current Status of Morning-After Pill Legislation
    The play-by-play account of the heated fight to make emergency contraception more accessible.

  • How the Morning-After Pill Really Works
    Did you know that the FDA labeling on Plan B claims one thing whereas research proves just the opposite? Learn how this emergency contraceptive works even though it's product label makes different claims.

  • RU486 – The Abortion Pill
    Learn factual information about RU486, the abortion pill. This FDA-approved medical abortion pill is a safe way to have a nonsurgical abortion. It is not the same thing as the morning-after pill.
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