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Landmark Cases in Adoption Law - Adoption/Foster Care - About.com
To understand adoption law and policy, one must understanding the important legal cases involving it. Landmark cases are those that significantly change ...
How to Write a Law School Case Brief - About.com
Writing a case brief can be rather easy once you've got the format down. Read through a case once before you begin briefing, and then focus on the important ...
Adoption Court Cases - Adoption/Foster Care - About.com
Important court cases that have influenced adoption law and foster care. Read up on these cases to learn more about adoption law.
Supreme Court Decisions on Privacy
In the cases listed below, you will learn more about how the United States Supreme Court has developed the concept of "privacy" for people in America.
Why Should I Write Case Briefs - Law School - About.com
This is a great question, and really, you don't need to write out a case brief for each and every case you read throughout your three years of law school; some ...
Adoption Law and Adoption Court Cases - Find More Information on ...
Legal information, the court and adoption process, legal terms used in adoption law, and legislation. Find adoption court cases that brought about the current ...
Double Jeopardy Supreme Court Cases - Civil Liberties - About.com
Supreme Court cases dealing with double jeopardy.
Court Cases - Civil Court Cases - Litigation - US Business Law / Taxes
The litigation process - taking a case to court - involves several steps.
What Is a Case Brief for Law Students? - Law School - About.com
Attorneys write appellate briefs or briefs in support of motions or other court pleadings whereas law students' case briefs concern one case and summarize ...
Key Supreme Court Cases and the Fourteenth Amendment
Learn about the key Supreme Court cases in which the fourteenth amendment was used to extend aspects of the Bill of Rights to the states.
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