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How to Use Combination Birth Control Pills
Dec 16, 2014 ... If pills are missed, the best thing to do is to refer to the particular pill's package insert because the instructions can be more complicated with the ...
Missed Period – Skip Period – Skipped or Missed ... - Contraception
Dec 11, 2009 ... What's your opinion of using extended cycle pills to skip periods or ... Would you feel comfortable skipping your period or having a missed ...
Femcon Fe - The Chewable Birth Control Pill
Femcon Fe works like other combination birth control pills . ... On days that you may have to take 2 pills to make up for missed pills, you could also feel a little sick ...
Did you get pregnant on the pill? - Pregnancy & Childbirth - About.com
May 30, 2011 ... Sometimes there is a medical reasons, sometimes it's just luck. Were you sick? Were you on antibiotics? Did you have missed pills?
I Forgot to Take My Birth Control Pill - What Do I Do? - Women's Health
Dec 10, 2014 ... Birth Control Pills - Nancy R. Cohen/Photodisc/Getty Images. Nancy R. ... Throw away the missed birth control pills and take the rest of your oral ...
Is Spotting While on the Birth Control Pill Normal? - PCOS - About.com
Dec 10, 2014 ... If the bleeding is because of missed pills, consult the package insert for your pills or the pharmacy where you filled the prescription to find out ...
Can I get pregnant if I missed a pill? - Pregnancy & Childbirth
Nov 29, 2014 ... Maybe you missed a pill or took one late. Do you know what the risks ... Woman holding birth control pills, mid section. - PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/ ...
I missed the first week of active birth control pills, so I have a question~
I've been taking birth control now for about 5 months and have been pretty much consistant with it, but we recently found out that I could get ...
Lost some birth control pills... advice please? - Calorie Count
Hi everyone... My purse got stepped on and two pills got pushed out and lost. They are for next wednesday and thursday... so I have not missed ...
Worried I am Pregnant, Please help - Calorie Count
I am on the pill but recently I missed one pill, took it about 20 hours late, and ... A few days later, I took two pills by accident in one day, and then ...
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