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What is a Diaphragm? - Definition - Contraception - About.com
Aug 29, 2007 ... A rubber diaphragm is a barrier method of women's birth control. Learn about diaphragm use as well as pros, cons, costs, and how to obtain ...
What Are Over the Counter Birth Control Methods - Contraception
Jun 15, 2007 ... Over-the-counter birth control are barriers methods that obstruct sperm from reaching an egg. These contraceptives can be bought without a ...
Cervical Cap – Barrier Method - Femcap - Contraception - About.com
Mar 11, 2008 ... Before having sex, know your birth control options. A cervical cap is a barrier birth control device, fitted by your doctor and is used to prevent ...
Barrier Methods of Contraception - Women's Health - About.com
Condoms Facts A look at condoms, how they work, and how they help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. What are barrier methods?
What are barrier methods? - Women's Health - About.com
Dec 7, 2003 ... A look at barrier methods of birth control. Covers male and female condoms, dental dams, cervical caps, diaphragms,and the sponge.
What Type of Barriers Can Protect Against STDs?
Jan 31, 2013 ... A number of different barrier methods can be used to reduce your risk of contracting an STD. Each has its pluses and minuses.
Available Types of Birth Control Methods - Contraception - About.com
Over-the-counter contraceptives are barrier methods that obstruct sperm from fertilizing an egg. These birth control methods can be obtained without a doctor's  ...
Contraception - Over-The-Counter (OTC) Birth Control Methods
Over-the-counter birth control methods are contraception options that do not require a doctor's prescription to obtain. Most are considered to be barrier methods ...
Birth Control Methods for Overweight Women - Contraception
May 26, 2011 ... Because of this, barrier methods may be more prone to user-related contraceptive failure (due to not being inserted correctly, at the right time, ...
The Today Contraceptive Sponge - Contraception - About.com
May 16, 2007 ... The sponge is a reversible, over-the-counter barrier method of birth control. The Today Sponge is a round device that is 1.57 inches in diameter ...
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