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Having One's Tubes Tied During Tubal Ligation - Contraception
Tubal ligation (also known as having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of female sterilization. Everything you need to know about tubal ligation.
Getting Your Tubes TiedTubal Ligation – Laparoscopy
Tubal ligation (or having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of contraception. Transabdominal sterilization, a type of tubal ligation, is surgery that closes off a ...
Tubal Ligation - Having One's Tubes Tied – Tubal Reversal
Tubal ligation (also known as having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of female sterilization. It can be a surgical or non-surgical procedure that closes off ...
Tubal Ligation Facts You Should Know - Women's Health - About.com
Jun 4, 2014 ... Tubal ligation is for women who do not want to have future children. If you're considering or have already had a tubal ligation, you should know ...
Tubal Ligation: Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome, Reversal
Jun 3, 2014 ... A look at tubal ligation reversal for women who want to become pregnant, as well as for those who experience post tubal ligation syndrome.
Laparotomy (Open Tubal Ligation) - Contraception - About.com
Jun 30, 2014 ... A laparotomy procedure, or open tubal ligation, is considered to be major surgery . During a laparotomy, the surgeon makes a larger incision in ...
Tubes Tied - Decisions on Having Tubes Tied - Tubal - Contraception
Have you had a tubal or thinking about having your tubes tied? Tubal ligation is forever, so you want to be sure as a tubal reversal is a major surgical procedure.
Disadvantages Hysteroscopic Tubal Ligation, Page 7 - Contraception
One of the disadvantages of the Essure tubal ligation procedure is the need to use an alternative birth control method for three months until scar tissue forms and ...
The Essure Procedure, Page 1 - Contraception - About.com
Oct 22, 2014 ... The Essure procedure is hysteroscopic sterilization. ... It is a good alternative to tubal ligation because all other forms of female sterilization ...
Essure Birth Control - Deciding on Essure Procedure - Contraception
Whereas men only have the option of a vasectomy for permanent sterilization, women can choose between a tubal ligation, a surgery that closes off a woman's  ...
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