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Birth Control Advice

Looking for some good birth control advice, like which condoms are the best? Trying to figure out how to discretely store condoms or remember when to take the pill? Sharing birth control advice and tips can really help others. If you are looking for some tips, you are in the right place.

Share Your Tip: How Do You Remember When to Take Birth Control Pills?
You may have chosen to use birth control pills as your main method of contraception. When using the pill, it’s important to take your birth control pill at the same time each day. Many women who use birth control pills report having a hard time sticking to their pill schedule. Do you easily remember when its time to take your pill? If so, what is your secret?

Which Birth Control Phone Apps Do You Use?
Phone apps can help us manage our birth control needs or teach us about available contraception. How have you used birth control iphone or android phone apps? Do you have a favorite?

Secrets to Natural Planning Success
Many couples find natural planning methods to be rewarding. Share your discoveries that have led to natural planning success (or read tips from others).

What Has Been the Hardest Part About Practicing Natural Family Planning?
Though NFP (natural family planning) can be very effective, some couples have found themselves experiencing NFP problems. What have you found most challenging about this method?

What are the Best Condoms or the Worst Condoms?
Wondering what the best condoms are? How about the worst condoms? I’m asking you. I’ve created this place for you to rate and review the condom brands and types of condoms that you (or your partner) have tried – all in the attempt to inform other readers about the best condoms out there (or maybe the worst condoms). If you love (or hate) a condom, this is your platform to share your opinion with the world.

Tips on Successfully Practicing Abstinence
What about being abstinent do you find most difficult? Advice on how to successfully practice abstinence.

Do Tell: What Are Your Favorite Condom Types?
Not all condoms are created equally! Some are made from latex or polyurethane. Some condom types are thicker or thinner. They can be studded, fruity, glow in the dark, and come in a rainbow of colors. There are flavored condoms, female condoms, and pleasure shaped condoms. What condom types do you like and why?

Where Do You Store Your Condoms?
A condom stored properly can usually last 4 years if kept in its original, sealed package in a cool, dry and dark place (away from humidity, heat, and sunlight). Where do you store your favorite condom type? Are you discreet? Do you have a special hiding spot like a condom cube, case or compact? Before condom use, where do you keep your condoms?...

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