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Contraception Questions

Ask and you shall find! Here are some of our most common contraception questions. Hopefully, yours will be among them. If not, I am only an email away from offering you a personalized answer to your important contraception question.

Answers to Your Birth Control Questions
Need accurate answers to all of your questions about birth control? Look no further! Email me your birth control questions and get a trustworthy answer.

Why Do I Need to Pay for Contraception?
If you have health insurance coverage, you shouldn't have to pay a co-pay for contraception. Do you know your benefits under Obamacare?

What Birth Control Methods Can Be Used While Breastfeeding?
There are several contraceptive methods that you can use while breastfeeding. Come explore your options!

Answers to Your Questions About Contraception Myths
Do you have any questions about contraception myths? If so, let me provide you with an accurate answer.

Answers to Your Questions About Contraception Effectiveness
Is your birth control working? Do you have questions about ways to improve the effectiveness of your birth control? I am here to provide you with answers.

Questions and Answers About Hormone Birth Control
What do you want to know about hormonal contraception? I can answer your question if it isn't listed here.

Can Women Use Hormonal Contraception After Age 40?
If you are a woman age 40 or older, then listen up! It seems that your available birth control options just expanded - no longer will your choices be limited to having your tubes tied or relying on permanent birth control. Research shows that hormonal contraception after age 40 or for older moms may now be an option. For older women contraception options have been broadened, so sex after age 40 can sizzle. Learn how increased estrogen birth control options may lead to carefree sexual encounters.

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