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Discussing Birth Control

Discussing birth control may be difficult or embarrassing, but it is important. If you can’t talk to your partner or doctor about birth control, you may not be ready to be having sex. Parents and teens should be having these discusions as well. Please share your stories about discussing birth control or read what advice others may have to help you start these discussions.

Talking to Kids About Sex and Birth Control
Have you talked to your kids, tweens or teens about birth control and/or sex? Many parents have questions about how to talk to their kids about sex and birth control. So, if you have had the sex talk, please share how your sex discussion went. Parents, gain some helpful tips on talking to your own kids about birth control and sex.

Advice on How to Talk to a Doctor About Birth Control
Many of us find it difficult to talk to a doctor about birth control. What kinds of experiences have you had talking with doctors about birth control? Please share your suggestions for others on how to get the most out of their doctor visit.

How Did You Respond to Your Man's Refusal to Wear a Condom?
Let’s face it, how many of you have been in a situation when the man you were with did not want to wear a condom? Some women don’t know how to respond when their men refuse to wear a condom. What has been your experience? What excuse did your man give and how did you respond? Did he get away with it, or did you ultimately make him wear a condom?

Talking to Parents About Sex and How To Get Birth Control
It may be embarrassing to ask your parents questions about sex and how to get birth control, but it can be a great opportunity to open the lines of communication. If you’ve had the sex talk with your parents, please share how it went. Teens, gain some tips on talking to your parents about birth control, how to get birth control and sex.

Tell Me About Your Birth Control Blog
Birth control blogs are good resources for learning about different birth control option. Bloggers can share birth control information such as contraceptive side effects and the use of contraceptives. The information found in contraception blogs can often answer your birth control questions. Add your birth control blog to the list or take a look at these blogs submitted by birth control bloggers.

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