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Are you having difficulty understanding the effectiveness of birth control? What makes one method more effective than the next? Could you possibly be doing something that is actually lowering how effective your contraception can be?

Comparison of Effectiveness
A comparison of the effectiveness of all birth control methods.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want Effective Birth Control
Even though no birth control method is 100% effective, there are things that you can do to make your birth control more effective.

The Link Between Weight and Birth Control Failure
One of the issues that may contribute to birth control failure is a woman’s weight. Obesity can compromise contraceptive effectiveness. Learn more about how contraceptive effectiveness can be reduced by obesity and find out contraceptive options for overweight women.

Medications that Lower The Pill's Effectiveness
Certain medications, antibiotics, and herbal supplements can decrease the effectiveness of The Pill. Discover what they are, so you increase your chances of success while using oral contraceptives.

Effective Birth Control Methods for Overweight Women
Obese or overweight women may not realize that their weight may be making their birth control method less effective. Find out which are the most effective birth control methods for overweight women.

Factors to Consider Regarding the Effectiveness of Contraception
When deciding on a contraceptive method, certain birth control considerations may come into play. The effectiveness of contraception may or may not be an important consideration. Evaluating the effectiveness of contraception may be an important birth control consideration or factor when making trying to decide upon which birth control method to...

Weight and Birth Control Pill Effectiveness
Nearly half of all unintended pregnancies occur in women who report contraceptive use during the month they conceive. Research has shown a relationship between birth control pills and weight -- a womans weight could contribute to oral contraceptive failure. Women should understand that obesity and weight could decrease birth control pill...

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