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Talking to the Doctor

To ensure your best sexual health, it’s important that you talk to the doctor. Inquire your doctor’s advice on the possible birth control options that would be best fit for your health and sexual practices. You can’t be shy and you must be honest about your medical history and sexual backgrounds. Be your own advocate. Ask many questions, do your research and find out everything you need to know from your doctor so you can make the most informed sexual decisions.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Birth Control
Many of us find it difficult and embarrassing to talk to a doctor about birth control. You may be thinking, what should I ask the doctor when trying to choose the best birth control options for me? You need to be your own advocate for your sexual health. If you want to ask the doctor about birth control options, but are feeling a bit unsure about how to begin, here is a list of some helpful tips.

Share Your Experience: Talking with Doctors About Contraception
Many of us find it difficult to talk to a doctor about birth control. What kinds of experiences have you had talking with doctors about birth control? Please share your suggestions for others on how to get the most out of their doctor visit. For those of you who are wondering how to talk to a doctor about such a personal subject, hopefully some of these tips will help you start this conversation.

How to Communicate With Your Doctor
The most effective and successful healthcare begins with a respectful rapport between doctors and patients. Wise patients understand what comprises that rapport.

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