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When Birth Control Fails

What happens when your birth control fails? If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have important decisions to make. Luckily, we live in a time where you have options. Share your unplanned pregnancy stories or talk about what occurs when your birth control fails. Read about the experiences others have gone through when faced in these positions.

Have You Experienced Birth Control Failure?
Please share your story - it may help others who may be searching for answers on how to handle their own birth control failure.

Why Did You Choose Adoption?
When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, it is important that you have reliable information about your options. One option available is to choose adoption. There are many reasons why an expectant mother may choose adoption. If you have chosen adoption, what was your reason for doing so? Share your story in making this difficult decision.

Teen Advice on Teenage Pregnancy
Teens parents - come share your unique advice about your teen pregnancy story.

Why Did You Choose Abortion?
Though abortion is the most common surgical procedure performed for women in the US, it is also the most stigmatized. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is a topic that is rarely openly discussed. If you have made this decision, why did you choose abortion? Share your story in making this difficult decision.

Weigh In: What Has the Roe vs. Wade Decision Meant to Your Life?
What do you think? Should the Roe vs. Wade decision be overturned? Should it stay intact? Should it be changed? The Roe vs. Wade decision protects the right to privacy and legalized abortion in the US. What has the Roe vs. Wade decison meant to your life?

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