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How Plan B Works

There is still great disagreement about how Plan B works. Whereas research and the medical community say one thing, FDA labeling on how Plan B works says another. What are the effects of Plan B and where did the controversy over how emergency contraception works stem from?

The Future of the Roe Decision

The Roe decision (stemming from a 1973 Supreme Court landmark case) protects the right to privacy and legalized abortion. The past three decades since Roe v. Wade have brought their fair share of political and cultural turmoil, yet it seems that the next 30+ years may promise even more. To many women, the right to an abortion represents more than just a right to privacy as protected by our constitution. What is the future of the Roe decision? Implications of Roe v. Wade are discussed.

Pregnancy Centers

Be cautious of crisis pregnancy centers as many advertise and name themselves to give the impression that they will provide unbiased support. The pregnancy center movement is growing in the US, so find out how to recognize one of these centers.

Inside a Pregnancy Care Center

What do investigations reveal about what really happens inside a pregnancy care center? What do their advertisements not tell you? Know what you may be walking into.

Home Pregnancy Tests

How accurate are home pregnancy tests - really? Learn how home pregnancy tests work, the accuracy of home pregnancy tests, and whether to trust the results.

Before You Seek Support From a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC)

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. Try to look for unbiased support. Be wary of a crisis pregnancy center (CPC). A CPC may offer free pregnancy tests and appear to provide support about abortion, adoption, and pregnancy options. Many crisis pregnancy centers are deceptive and misleading.

Pregnancy Crisis Centers

Know the billboards that read: Pregnant? Scared? We Can Help? Pregnancy crisis centers pray on women to lure them in and then use scare tactics and false information to pressure you into not having an abortion. Learn how to protect yourself.

Real Women Discuss Their Experiences with the Lybrel Birth Control Pill

Do you use the birth control pill, Lybrel, to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Perhaps you are considering whether to switch your pill brand to Lybrel. Are you concerned about Lybrel side effects such as migraines, weight gain, or nausea? Lybrel birth control was approved by the FDA to eliminate women's monthly periods. Find out what real women, like you, are sharing about their experiences with Lybrel and join the conversations.

Lybrel - The Continuous Birth Control Pill

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first birth control pill that is also designed to eliminate women's monthly periods. Lybrel is a type of continuous birth control where a woman takes a pill everyday for 365 days (a whole year). Learn more about Lybrel - what Lybrel is, its advantages, risks, costs, and effectiveness.

Condom Size Chart

Look no farther - here is the comprehensive condom size chart you've been waiting for! It includes many of your favorite condom brands - LifeStyles, Trojan, Beyond 7, Durex, Kimino, Sensis and Caution Wear. From super snug to XL condoms, this condom size chart has all the information you need to find the perfect condom fit.

Wondering What Condoms Are Made Of?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what condoms are made of? It seems like many condom manufacturers don’t come right out and tell you this. Find out what is in your favorite condoms.

Griswold v. Connecticut 1965

An in-depth summary of the Griswold v. Connecticut 1965 Supreme Court decision. This case paved the way to birth control legalization. Learn the important details of the Griswold v. Connecticut ruling.

Depo Provera

Information about Depo Provera, the birth control shot. This progestin injection is a reversible method of prescription birth control. Find out the difference between the Depo Provera shot and its newer version, the Depo-subQ Provera 104 Injection. The side effects, advantages, health risks and effectiveness of Depo Provera are explained.

Sex Education

There are two approaches to sex education – comprehensive sex education and abstinence-only education. How do they differ? Does one approach make a greater impact on teen’s sexual behavior?

2012 Election

The 2012 election can impact policies that affect your life. Learn about the presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Be informed about their stances on contraception, abortion and sex education. It is crucial to make your vote count for the presidential 2012 election!

Conceptus v. Hologic

On April 30, 2012, Hologic announced that it would discontinue its manufacturing and sales of Adiana. Find out why and what role Hologic's competitor, Conceptus played in this decision.

I Can't Feel My IUD Strings... Should I Be Worried?

Missing IUD strings may be a sign that your IUD has moved out of place. If you tried to check your IUD strings and can’t feel them, find out what you should do.

Obesity and Contraception Effectiveness

One of the issues that may contribute to birth control failure is a woman’s weight. Obesity can compromise contraceptive effectiveness. Learn more about how contraceptive effectiveness can be reduced by obesity and find out contraceptive options for overweight women.

Depo Bleeding: Will It Ever Stop?

Depo Provera is a popular prescription birth control method. Unscheduled or continous depo bleeding leads many women stop using Depo Provera. Are you wondering if your depo bleeding will ever stop? Learn about some possible Depo Provera bleeding treatments so you can be happy with depo again.

The Economic Recession:

The economic recession has, yet, intruded into one more place - the American bedroom. Some couples are so afraid of conceiving a baby, that they're taking extra birth control. The decision to have children is often a financial one. Given our economic recession, couples are now taking some extreme family planning measures to ensure that they don’t get pregnant. So, while the economy dwindles, birth control and the morning after pill sales skyrocket.

ParaGard Intrauterine Device

ParaGard, the Copper T 380A, is an IUD that releases copper, so it is hormone-free. ParaGard also lasts for 10 years! Learn about this highly effective FDA approved intrauterine device.

Mirena Intrauterine Device

Mirena IUD provides a long-term birth control option without sterilization. Mirena releases the progestin, levonorgestrel. Learn more about this highly effective contraceptive device.

Standard Days Method

The Standard Days Method is the easiest natural family planning option to teach and use. Find out more about SDM and how simple it really is.

IUD Use in Nulliparous Women

For years, nulliparous women have been using IUDs like Mirena and ParaGard. Is this safe? Learn what ACOG and research suggest about IUD use in nulliparous women.

Did My Birth Control Fail?

What if I'm pregnant? Many women may be thinking this if their period is late. Other questions you may have could include: Am I pregnant? Did my birth control fail? When will I know, and how can I tell if I'm pregnant? What do I do if I have an unintended pregnancy?

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