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Campaign 2008: Republican Presidential Candidates


Updated January 14, 2010

Campaign 2008: Republican Presidential Candidates

Mike Huckabee

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3. John McCain

Senator John McCain has admitted that he would support a repeal of Roe v. Wade. McCain's campaign contains a section entitled "Human Dignity and The Sanctity of Life" on his website which combines his personal and political stances on the issues of Roe v. Wade, adoption, protecting children from internet pornography and online predators, and the moral consequences of advanced technology.

Senator McCain has admitted to the belief that abortion should be legal in cases of rape, incest, or if the woman's health or life is in danger. Yet, he feels that public funding for abortion or for organizations that advocate for abortion should be prohibited.

John McCain – Quotes (from his website):

  • "John McCain believes that Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench."

  • "The pro-life movement has done tremendous work in building and reinforcing the infrastructure of civil society by strengthening faith-based, community, and neighborhood organizations that provide critical services to pregnant mothers in need. This work must continue and government must find new ways to empower and strengthen these armies of compassion. These groups can help build the consensus necessary to end abortion at the state level. As McCain has publicly noted, ‘At its core, abortion is a human tragedy.'"

  • "As president, McCain will seek ways to promote adoption as a first option for women struggling with a crisis pregnancy."

Senator McCain also introduced The Child Custody Protection Act. This legislation would make it a federal offense to knowingly transport a minor across a state line for the purpose of an abortion unless it is needed to save the life of the minor.

The following is an excerpt from McCain’s statement for the Congressional Record regarding the introduction of this act:

    “Today in Washington, D.C., thousands of people are taking part in the annual March for Life and staking a claim for the rights of the unborn. I commend them and am in awe of their great dedication to the cause of protecting life. I share their strong pro life beliefs and I am proud to be an original cosponsor of the Child Custody Protection Act that is being introduced today….minors with the assistance of adults –who are not their parents– are being transported across State lines to receive abortions without obtaining parental consent. We need to end this and, far more importantly, the consequences such actions have on life. I am and always have been pro-life and my record during my tenure in Congress reflects my strong belief that life is sacred. We must stand up for the rights of the unborn and do all that we can to enact this important legislation.”

4. Mike Huckabee:

Former Governor Mike Huckabee is ultra-conservative and is clear about his anti-choice position. He devotes part of his website to what he calls, “The Sanctity of Life,” where he explains, "I first became politically active because of abortion, when I helped pass Arkansas' Unborn Child Amendment, which requires the state to do whatever it legally can to protect life.”

Mike Huckabee – Quotes (from his website):

  • “I support and have always supported passage of a constitutional amendment to protect the right to life. My convictions regarding the sanctity of life have always been clear and consistent, without equivocation or wavering. I believe that Roe v. Wade should be over-turned.”

  • "As Governor, I did all I could to protect life. The many pro-life laws I got through my Democrat legislature are the accomplishments that give me the most pride and personal satisfaction. I banned partial birth abortion, I required parental notification, I required that a woman give informed consent before having an abortion, I required that a woman be told her baby will experience pain and be given the option of anesthesia for her baby, I allowed a woman to have her baby and leave the child safely at a hospital, and I made it a crime for an unborn child to be injured or murdered during an attack on his mother."

  • “What I accomplished as Governor proves that there is a lot more that a pro-life President can do than wait for a Supreme Court vacancy, and I will do everything I can to promote a pro-life agenda and pass pro-life legislation. If I'm saddled with a Democrat Congress, I'll veto any pro-abortion legislation they pass. I will staff all relevant positions with pro-life appointees.”

Criticism levied against Huckabee centers on the notion that his viewpoints are somewhat hypocritical. Although Huckabee is clearly pro-life, he in favor of the death penalty. He addresses this inconsistency by explaining that the death penalty is the result of a judicial process whereby the person in question is deemed guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, yet a woman who decides to have an abortion is ending the life of an innocent child.

His critics point out that Huckabee claims that abortion is not justified because it ends the life of an innocent child. But, he does acknowledge that many an innocent person has lost their life due to the death penalty.

Mike Huckabee also avidly supports abstinence-only education, claiming:

    "Abstinence education provides a valuable counterweight to peer pressure and the message young people get from the popular culture....I do not believe in teaching about sex or contraception in public schools. I am disappointed that funding for abstinence education is not likely to be renewed by the Democrat Congress. This reversal only emphasizes how important it is for Republicans to take back Congress and win the White House with an authentic conservative in 2008."

    "I miss the America I grew up in where the Gideons gave Bibles to fifth graders instead of school nurses giving condoms to eighth graders. With so much at stake, it's important that we return to the core values and guiding principles which have made our country great."

    Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister explains on his website, "My faith is my life -- it defines me. My faith doesn't influence my decisions, it drives them."

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