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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Spice Up Your Sex Life


Updated February 11, 2008

Valentine's Day can be a special time to celebrate love and your sexuality. It's a day that makes us pause and focus on affection and relationships. Besides that, it's a perfect time to spice up your sex life! How can you make Valentine's Day both sexy and safe? From Valentine's Day condoms to safe underwater sex, here are some fun, sophisticated, trendy, practical, sexy, and romantic ideas for the special Valentine in your life. Learn ways to incorporate birth control into your Valentine's Day celebration.
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Condom LollipopsTrendy Reminder Birth Control Pill Cases Chocolate Flavored CondomsEnjoy a Romantic Jacuzzi or Bath
Cupid CondomsSophisticated Condom CasesCandy CondomsCondom Cubes
Birth Control Pill Candy MoldPill Pack CompactsValentine's Day Condoms and Love KitsCondom Bouquets
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