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Birth Control Effectiveness

Compare the effectiveness of all contraceptives in one place


Updated April 22, 2014

Birth control effectiveness can be an important part in your decision to choose a certain contraceptive method. Yet, birth control effectiveness greatly depends on whether or not you use your contraceptive reliably and correctly. If you want high levels of birth control effectiveness, you can’t allow yourself to become careless with your chosen method -- this means use it always and use it the right way! Even though no birth control method is fool-proof, believe it or not, there are certain steps that you can take to increase your birth control effectiveness:

Also, in order to evaluate birth control effectiveness, it is necessary that you understand how to properly interpret birth control failure rates.

Here are links to the effectiveness rates of each category of contraception and the various birth control methods in each grouping. Compare how each of these contraceptives rate in preventing pregnancy.

Finally, here are some other issues to consider when it comes to birth control effectiveness -- some of these could lower your birth control effectiveness:

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