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Guide to Birth Control and Safe Water Sex


Updated August 11, 2014

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Water Sex Condom Complications: Putting On Condoms and Condoms Slipping Off
Guide to Birth Control and Safe Water Sex

Putting On Condoms for Under Water Sex Photo

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Okay, so you have decided to take the risk of using a condom, lets say, because you are having sex in a lake, so you figure, no heat, no chemicals, no soaps or bath oils are floating around. To be extra safe, you bought a silicone lubricant to replace the lubrication that may be washed away in the water, so chances are good that the condom’s durability won’t be compromised.

A final reason for why a condom may fail during water sex is that it may be prone to slipping off; and if this occurs, it may be difficult to tell. A condom could slide off for several reasons:

  • The condom is not put on correctly: As far as putting the condom on, it is important that it is put on while the penis is outside of the water. This means do not put on a condom underwater. Putting a condom on outside of the water is one way to minimize the possibility of water seeping into the condom thus casuing the condom to slide off.
  • Water, at any point, could possibly seep in between the condom and the penis which can result in the condom sliding off. There is no way to prevent this from occurring.
  • Typically, if a man can maintain an erection during the whole time he is wearing a condom, it is unlikely that water could get inside. Yet, if his erection becomes even a little flaccid, if only for an instant (which is quite common for men), then the chance for water to enter the condom can occur and increase the chances of it coming off.
  • During the actual motions of sex, water can be pushed into the condom which can cause the condom to more easily slip off as well.
Final thoughts: Using a condom is better than not using anything at all. To increase condom success during water sex, make sure the condom is put on out of the water, use a silicone-based lubricant, and do your best to make sure the condom is not off and floating somewhere downstream.

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