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Your Questions About Birth Control

All of your questions answered in one place!


Updated May 18, 2012

One of the things that I am most passionate about is making sure you have the most accurate and unbiased answers to your birth control questions. I love receiving emails about birth control. It led me to thinking that I should create a central "hub" where you can come and see all your questions, as well as questions that others have asked about birth control -– all in one easy-to-locate place.

I know how frustrating it is when you are trying to find an answer to a birth control question. After hours of searching the web, you either come up empty or with several answers that conflict each other. Because of this, I am offering you a special, interactive site where you can email me your questions about birth control. As I receive them, I will respond briefly (to give you the short, what-you-need-to-know-right-this-second answer). If your birth control question makes it up to this site - in addition to including a short and to-the-point answer - I will then write a more comprehensive article that you can easily access, where you will learn even more details. I can even email you to let you know if your question has been posted.

And the best part -- all my articles go through an extensive medical review board, so you know for sure that the information in my answer is medically accurate and the truth. No more scouring the web for answers; just email me any of your questions about birth control and my FAQ lists will grow!

Since this is a "living document," I will be organizing your questions. Once I have enough questions about a particular type of birth control or contraceptive issue, I will put those questions on a separate page (with a link and description) relating to that topic. I look forward to reading your questions and am ready to answer. Be sure to bookmark this page because I plan for it to be ever-changing as new questions are addressed and added.

Find Answers to Your Questions About:

1. Birth Control Misconceptions

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This seems to be a popular topic for your questions. It seems that there are many misconceptions about birth control. You may not even realize that what you believe to be fact is really not. See what questions people have been asking about birth control myths and misunderstandings.

2. Contraception Success

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Obviously, most of you want your birth control to be effective -- after all, one of the main reasons people use contraception is to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. But what happens when effectiveness is compromised? Maybe you used your method the wrong way or don't fully understand what may make your birth control less effective. When it comes to contraception effectiveness, don't be left wondering whether or not your birth control is working. Here are some of your questions about birth control success.

3. Hormonal Birth Control

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It doesn't surprise me that many of you want to know about the hormones in your birth control as well as your options when it comes to hormonal contraception. Given the popularity of these methods, I receive many questions about birth control containing ethinyl estradiol and progestin. How do these methods work? What questions and concerns do you all have about hormonal birth control?

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