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Birth Control Quizzes & Polls

The more you know about birth control, the more control you will have. As with any choice, information is key. Do you know a lot about contraception? Can you list different birth control options? How effective are condoms? Does Plan B cause abortions? Answer questions like these (and more) by taking a birth control quiz -- or share your opinion in one of my contraceptive polls.
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Extended Cycle Pills Quiz
Test your knowledge on extended cycle pills with this quiz! Extended cycle pills are the newest evolution of the birth control pill and provide women with even more control over their reproductive health and choices. In addition to being highly effective if used correctly, these pills can offer numerous noncontraceptive benefits. How much do you know about extended cycle pills like Seasonique and Lybrel? Take this quiz now.

Birth Control Quiz
The more you know about contraception, the more control you will have over deciding if and when you want to become pregnant. With so many birth control options available, you may even be wondering where to start. As with any decision, information is key. How much do you know about contraception? Take our birth control quiz to find out!

Emergency Contraception Quiz
Plan B (The morning-after pill) is a safe and effective form of emergency contraception, or emergency birth control. The morning-after pill lowers a woman’s chances of getting pregnant after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Do you have questions about the morning-after pill? Take our Emergency Contraception Quiz to learn important information about Plan B.

Condom Quiz
Are you looking for some condom tips? Condoms cover a man's penis during sexual intercourse and collect semen before, during, and after he ejaculates and can provide STD protection. Plus, choosing a condom type may be confusing. Take our Condom Quiz to test your “condom sense" and to learn important information about condom use

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