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Is Seasonique Safe? The Skinny on This Extended Cycle Birth Control Pill


Updated May 27, 2014

Is Seasonique Safe? The Skinny on This Extended Cycle Birth Control Pill


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Definition: Seasonique, an extended cycle birth control pill, was approved by the FDA in May 2006. It is made up of ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel and is taken continuously for 84 days; the final 7 days of the 3-month cycle contain a low-dose ethinyl estradiol.

Seasonique works just like a traditional birth control pill. The main difference is that a woman takes 1 pill every day for 3 months; with traditional pills, a woman takes 1 pill every day for 3 weeks.

Because each pack of Seasonique lasts for 3 months, women taking it will have fewer periods. You should get your period during the last week of the pack, and based on clinical trials, your period should only last about 3 days. The manufacturers of Seasonique point out that, “While you get the convenience of 4 periods a year, you’re also more likely to have bleeding or spotting between periods. This can be slight to a flow like a regular period and should decrease over time. Bleeding or spotting is a common side effect with any birth control pill, but you’re more likely to experience this with Seasonique.”

Seasonique is just as effective (92 to 99.7%) as other brands of combination birth control pills.

Some wonder whether extended cycle pills are safe. There is no medical evidence that women need periods, and there are no health problems associated with skipping monthly bleeding. Studies conclude that using the Pill to stop monthly bleeding is a safe option for preventing pregnancy. Research has also confirmed that the use of extended cycle pills, like Seasonique, represents a viable and attractive option for many women. The quality of life for women who suffer from menstrual-related disorders can be greatly improved by the ability to suppress one’s monthly period, and the availability of more pill choices to postpone monthly cycles serves as a great convenience for women with busy lifestyles.

Also Known As: Extended cycle birth control pill, continuous cycle pill, combination birth control pill, combo pill
I can use Seasonique as an effective birth control method that allows me to only have 4 periods a year!

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