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How To Decrease Failure with the Fertility Awareness Method


Updated August 09, 2011

How To Decrease Failure with the Fertility Awareness Method

Fertility Awareness Methods

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Natural birth control methods must be used consistently and according to instructions in order to attain maximum effectiveness. In order to lower the chances of birth control failure, follow these suggestions if you use fertility awareness as your contraceptive method.

If you have any questions about your birth control method, please contact your healthcare provider. You will lower your chances for birth control failure if you have a proper and thorough understanding of how to use the fertility awareness method.

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  1. It is essential that you understand how fertility awareness methods work. Some methods, such as the Billings Method or the Standard Days Method suggest that you work with a certified instructor before attempting to use any of these fertility awareness based options.

  2. It is helpful to have knowledge about the female body and how ovulation and fertilization take place.

  3. Try to make sure that you are using this method precisely and consistently. If not, failure could occur.

  4. It is critical, with natural family planning, that you accurately predict when your fertile period is.

  5. Make certain that you have correctly figured out your ovulation pattern; then, abstain before and after your fertile period (or use a back-up method). Remember, it only takes one unprotected act of sexual intercourse to become pregnant.

What You Need

  • Calendar
  • Fertility Charts
  • CycleBeads (optional) Compare Prices
  • Basal Thermometer Compare Prices
  • Fertility Chart iPhone Apps

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