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Unplanned Pregnancy Support : Choosing Abortion, Adoption, or Parenting


Updated November 12, 2010

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Deciding to Obtain An Abortion

An abortion is a procedure that ends a pregnancy. It is safe and legal, yet the risk of complications does increase the longer a pregnancy continues. Some women say that an early abortion feels like menstrual cramps; some feel a lot of discomfort while others report that it's only a little uncomfortable.

For teens, you may need to find out:

  • How your state defines a minor
  • Whether parental consent or notification is required (even though it is probably a wise idea to discuss your situation with them, if you can)
  • Can you talk to a judge, who can decide to waive the consent law
  • Since laws are always changing, make sure to get the most up-to-date information about your state's laws.

If you are considering choosing an abortion, ask yourself the following:
Yes No Unsure
()   ()   ()     1. I can afford to pay for an abortion

()   ()   ()     2. I want to be a parent, just not now

()   ()   ()     3. I want this pregnancy to go away, so I'm willing to have an abortion to end it

()   ()   ()     4. No one is pressuring me to obtain an abortion

()   ()   ()     5. Abortion goes against my religious beliefs

()   ()   ()     6. I can afford to have a child right now

()   ()   ()     7. I will be able to handle the feelings associated with having an abortion

()   ()   ()     8. (For minors) If I have to, I am prepared to go before a judge to get permission for an abortion

()   ()   ()     9. I don't respect women who have abortions

()   ()   ()     10. I have people in my life who will support me in this decision

()   ()   ()     11. If I have an abortion, I cannot tell my family and/or partner

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