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Unplanned Pregnancy Support : Choosing Abortion, Adoption, or Parenting


Updated November 12, 2010

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Seeking Neutral Unplanned Pregnancy Support

Some women have found it to be helpful to find a neutral person as support during this confusing time. You might turn to a counselor or health educator at a family planning clinic. These clinics have specially trained staff who can honestly and objectively discuss your options with you. You can even print out your answers to these checklists, and discuss them with a counselor. Use these checklists as a source of discussion with whomever you feel most secure talking about your situation with.

If you choose to seek outside support, be careful when selecting a family planning center; many “crisis pregnancy centers” hold an anti-abortion approach. When determining which clinic to obtain information from, make sure that this center:

  • Does not pressure you into any decisions
  • Provides accurate, complete, and reliable information about all of your pregnancy options
  • Allows you to decide who can be a part of this decision-making process
  • Does not object if you wish to bring your partner, friend, or family member(s) with you
If you are unsure as to where to go, try calling your local Planned Parenthood facility to either speak with one of their educators or to receive referrals to clinics that will be helpful and objective.


Checklists adapted from Planned Parenthood, Pregnancy Options Training.

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