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Contraception Dictionary: E - F

Learn about the available birth control methods one word at a time.

These are just the briefest of definitions of some of the available birth control options beginning with the letters E and F. For more detailed descriptions see the individual page for each term.

Ella contains ulipristal acetate and is a non-hormonal form of emergency contraception.

Emergency Contraception
Contraceptive method that can be used within 5 days of sexual intercourse to help prevent an unintended pregnancy.

Essure Procedure
A non-surgical tubal ligation procedure.

Ethinyl Estradiol
Ethinyl estradiol is a man-made estrogen found in many combination birth control methods.

Failure Rates
Birth control failure rates indicate how many women a year may experience an unplanned pregnancy using a given contraceptive method.

Female Condoms
A pre-lubricated polyurethane or nitrile pouch that is worn inside of the vagina during sex.

Femcon Fe - The Chewable Birth Control Pill
Looking for a birth control pill that's convenient and tasty? The Femcon Fe combination birth control pill is highly effective and safe. Information about the chewable birth control pill as a method of contraception is presented as well as some of the advantages, disadvantages, reliability, effectiveness, cost, and risks

Before having sex, know your birth control options. A cervical cap is a barrier birth control device, fitted by your doctor and is used to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Similar to the diaphragm (only smaller), the cervical cap prevents sperm from reaching an egg. The Femcap and Lea Shield are two types of cervical caps.

Fertility Awareness Method
A contraceptive method where a woman will monitor her fertility and avoid unprotected intercourse during her ovulation.

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