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Contraception Dictionary: K - L

Learn about the available birth control methods one word at a time.

These are just the briefest of definitions of some of the available birth control options beginning with the letters K and L. For more detailed descriptions see the individual page for each term.

KYNG Extra Large Condoms
KYNG Extra Large Condoms are the newest large condom option from LifeStyles and are part of the LifeStyles Signature Collection (including SKYN condoms and THYN condoms). KYNG condoms are extra long and wide, so larger men can be comfortable, too. These extra large condoms have a flared shape and have a reservoir tip.

Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM)
LAM, or continuous breastfeeding, can be used as a natural birth control option as long as you don't rely on it after six months.

Lambskin Condoms
A condom made of a natural membrane, so they are a good alternative for people who are allergic to latex condoms. Also known as natural condoms.

Late Term Abortion
The late term abortion procedure, D&X (intact dilation and extraction), is performed after 21 weeks of pregnancy. The D&X late term abortion procedure results in the extraction of an intact fetus and is perhaps the most controversial of all the abortion procedures.

Laparoscopy is one of the two most common methods of tubal ligation. Laparoscopy, also known as laparoscopic sterilization, is a surgical procedure that uses a thin, lighted tube called a laparoscope. In this minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon closes the fallopian tubes by using rings, clamps, clips, or by sealing them shut with an electric current (electrocautery).

Latex Condoms
A condom made of latex, a kind of rubber and is the most common type of condom.

Lea Shield
Before having sex, know your birth control options. A cervical cap is a barrier birth control device, fitted by your doctor and is used to prevent unplanned pregnancies. Similar to the diaphragm (only smaller), the cervical cap prevents sperm from reaching an egg. The Femcap and Lea Shield are two types of cervical caps.

Loestrin is a birth control pill that contains ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone and is different than regular 28 day pills.

A combined contraceptive injection that contains a combination of estrogen and progestin and must be injected once every month.

Lybrel - The Continuous Birth Control Pill
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the first birth-control pill that is also designed to eliminate women's monthly periods. Lybrel is a type of continuous birth control where a woman takes a pill everyday for 365 days (a whole year). Learn more about Lybrel - what Lybrel is, its advantages, risks, costs, and effectiveness.

A laparotomy procedure, or open tubal ligation, is considered to be major surgery. During a laparotomy, the surgeon makes a larger incision in the abdomen. Then, the fallopian tubes will be pulled up into or out of the incision, closed off (tied, clipped, or sealed shut) with a device, and put back into place. A laparotomy is usually performed right before or after some other type of unrelated abdominal surgery.

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