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Contraception: An Overview

This category contains an complete overview of Contraception which includes what qualifies as a contraceptive device, the purposes of contraception, basic male and female reproductive anatomy (concepts such as ovulation and conception), explaination of how to become pregnant, and the history of birth control methods.
  1. Birth Control Decisions (11)
  2. How Pregnancy Occurs (5)

Definition of contraception. What are contraceptives and what quailifies as one?

Overview of Available Contraception
General overview of the different categories of available contraception and birth control methods.

Why Use Contraception?
The purposes of contraception and reasons why people may choose to use contraceptives.

Birth Control Quiz
The more you know about contraception, the more control you will have over deciding if and when you want to become pregnant. With so many birth control options available, you may even be wondering where to start. As with any decision, information is key. How much do you know about contraception? Take our birth control quiz to find out!

Your Questions About Birth Control - Answered!
Email me your birth control questions and get an accurate answer. No more searching the web for answers.

Top 10 Questions To Consider When Choosing a Method of Birth Control
With so many birth control methods available and so many factors to consider, it can be difficult to choose a method of birth control. People choose to use birth control for many different reasons. The following are factors and questions to consider when choosing the best birth control method for you.

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