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Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is an effective and safe method to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Learn about the moring-after pill (Plan B One-Step) as well as generic emergency contraceptive pill options. Does your state allow pharmacists to refuse to dispense emergency contraception due to conscience clauses? Where do you even get emergency contraception, and how old do you need to be to buy it? Plus, what's the controversy over emergency contraceptives all about?
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  3. Plan B One-Step (5)

Emergency Contraception
Find out about the various forms of emergency contraception. Learn about how they work, when to use, where to obtain, and how much they cost. Misconceptions and effectiveness are also presented.

The Emergency Contraception Debate
The use of emergency contraception continues to be debated in the US. What is the controversy about emergency contraception all about?

Emergency Contraception Quiz
Do you have questions about the morning-after pill? How much do you relly know about emergency contraception? Take my Emergency Contraception Quiz to learn important information about this important option.

Effectiveness of Emergency Contraception
A comparison of the effectiveness of the available methods of emergency contraception. Compare how each of these methods helps to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse or birth control failure.

ParaGard IUD
The ParaGard IUD is an effective emergency contraceptive option. Learn more about ParaGard to see if this is the right choice for you.

Generic Plan B
Find out about the generic Plan B morning-after pill.

Tummino v. Hamburg
Tummino v. Hamburg is a significant court case where the judge reversed the FDA's policy on the morning-after pill. Read all about the case and the court's ruling.

The History of Emergency Contraception
The history of emergency contraception has had its ups and downs. Come along to trace the journey of the morning-after pill.

Status of Morning-After Pill Legislation
Morning-after pill legislation has been a fierce battle. Learn the play-by-play legal maneuvers that have lead to the OTC status of the morning-after pill.

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