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What is Emergency Contraception and the Morning After Pill?


Updated September 11, 2009

What is Emergency Contraception and the Morning After Pill?
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Question: What is Emergency Contraception and the Morning After Pill?
Emergency contraception (EC) (also known as Plan B One-Step or the morning after pill) is a safe and effective form of emergency contraception. Emergency contraception is used to help keep a woman from getting pregnant after she has had unprotected sex.
Answer: Emergency contraception is an option that women can choose to reduce their chances of getting pregnant after having unprotected sex or experiencing contraceptive failure. Emergency contraception has been available for more than 30 years and is a safe and effective method of contraception. Plan B One-Step is not the same thing as the abortion pill, and the morning after pill does not cause an abortion or affect an existing pregnancy.

Do you have more questions about emergency birth control such as the morning after pill/Plan B One-Step?

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