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When researching various contraceptive methods, you may find that you have additional questions that you need answers to! Hopefully, you can find what you are looking for under FAQ’s. Chances are, if you have a specific question, somebody else did to. One of your questions may be, “what is the right choice for me?” Various issues may factor into your choice of birth control – these could include ethical, moral, and religious considerations, your sexual behavior (who you are having sex with), and the reasons why you want to use contraception. Feel free to post to our forum and subscribe to my newsletter for more information.
Do you need a condom for pool sex, or hot tub sex?
I heard somewhere that the chemicals in hot tubs kill sperm or lower sperm count, so it is unlikely you can get pregnant having sex in one. Do you need a condom for pool sex? Do they work? Better yet –- if having hot tub sex, do I even need to worry about protection?
Why Use Contraception?
The purposes of contraception and reasons why people may choose to use contraceptives.
Are There Certain Times To Be More Careful?
A woman is more likely to get pregnant when having intercourse around the time that she ovulates - read more on determining when one is most fertile.
What Is Emergency Contraception?
Plan B (The morning-after pill) is a safe and effective form of emergency contraception, or emergency birth control. The morning-after pill lowers a woman’s chances of getting pregnant after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Do you have questions about the morning-after pill? Take our Emergency Contraception Quiz to learn important information about this contraceptive method
What Leads to Contraception Failure?
Learn about the main reasons why contraception fails. 50% of all unintended pregnancies occur while women are using contraception. What accounts for the failure? Is is the actual method or perhaps demographics may provide an answer.
What is the Effectiveness of All the Contraceptives?
This article compares the effectiveness of all of your birth control options in one place.
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