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Female Condom

Female condoms are polyurethane (plastic) pouches with flexible rings at each end. They collect semen and prevent the sperm from entering the woman's body. Female condoms are a reversible barrier method of birth control and can be helpful in the protection against many sexually transmitted diseases.

Female Condoms
Information about the female condom as a method of contraception is presented, as well as some of the advantages, disadvantages, reliability, costs, things to be aware of, and where to obtain.

Fc Female Condom
Review of fc female condom: The fc Female Condom is a loose-fitting, soft polyurethane pouch that lines the vagina with a ring at each end. Formerly the Reality Female Condom, the fc condom is the only FDA-approved device for women that provides both pregnancy protection and STD/HIV prevention. The female condom is a great alternative to the male condom. It warms to the touch, offers unique sensations, can be used for water sex, and does not interfere with sexual spontaneity. Give it a try!

How to Use a Female Condom
The female condom is placed in the vagina before sex. It’s a thin, pre-lubricated pouch that collects sperm before, during and after ejaculation. Using the female condom may be a little bit intimidating. But female condom use can be easy once you practice. Always read the instructions before having sex. Learn more tips on how to use the female condom.

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