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IUDs (Mirena & ParaGard)

IUDs - so many of you are not taking advantage of this super effective and long-acting, reversible method. Why? My guess is you’re holding on to a misconception about IUD use and safety. IUDs are simple to insert and then you don't have to think about birth control for either 5 years (Mirena) or 10 years (ParaGard). Plus, the IUD is just as effective as a vasectomy. 

All About the IUD
An IUD is a small, flexible contraceptive device that is shaped like the letter T and is inserted into the uterus. The letters IUD stand for intrauterine device. This contraceptive method is long lasting, safe and extremely effective. There are two IUD types: the Mirena IUD and the ParaGard IUD. Learn about IUD insertion and IUD removal as well...

Mirena IUD
Mirena IUD contraception provides a long-term birth control option without sterilization. Mirena releases the hormone, levonorgestrel and is highly reliable. Learn more!

ParaGard Intrauterine Device
ParaGard, the Copper T 380A, is an effective long-term IUD and is a great choice if you do not want to use hormonal contraception.

Skyla IUD
Come meet Skyla! The new "mini-IUD." FDA-approved for all women.

What To Expect During an IUD Removal
Learn what to expect during your IUD removal. Be prepared for your ParaGard removal or know what to expect during your Mirena IUD removal. Information about the procedure for removing intrauterine devices is explained in detail. Know what to expect and find out about possible complications.

What To Expect During an IUD Insertion
What to expect during your IUD insertion. Learn about the IUD insertion procedure. Be prepared for your ParaGard insertion or when getting your Mirena IUD. Information about the procedure for inserting intrauterine devices is explained in detail. Know what to expect from when you enter your doctor’s office to after you get home. Each step of the IUD insertion is explained.

Help! I Can't Find My IUD Strings
Missing IUD strings may be a signal that your IUD is no longer there. If you can’t feel your IUD strings, find out what steps you should take.

Does Mirena IUD Help Treat Heavy Periods?
The Mirena IUD is FDA-approved to treat excessive menstrual bleeding. Find out how Mirena can help in the treatment of heavy periods.

IUD Use in Nulliparous Women
For years, nulliparous women have been using IUDs. Is this safe? Learn what the ACOG and research suggest about IUD use in nulliparous women.

IUD Risks and Complications
Are IUDs safe? Learn about possible IUD risks and complications.

How To Check Your IUD Strings
Learn how to successfully check your IUD strings to make sure your IUD is still in place.

IUD Birth Control for Teenagers
Should teens be able to use IUDs and Implanon? It seems that these using methods can be beneficial for teens and could greatly help prevent teenage unplanned pregnancy. Find out more!

How to Manage an IUD Pregnancy
IUDs are one of the most effective reversible birth control methods available. The Mirena IUD and ParaGard IUD are over 99% effective. Although these numbers are very promising, it also means that less than 1% of the time, a woman will have an IUD pregnancy. If you got pregnant with an IUD was in place, learn how manage an IUD pregnancy.

Do I Need to Have My IUD Removed if I Switch Sexual Partners?
The IUD contraceptive is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is inserted into the uterus. The Mirena IUD continuously releases progestin and is effective for 5 years. The ParaGard IUD (also known as Copper IUD) is the only non-medicated IUD available in the US and can be left in place for up to 10 years. A great hurdle facing IUD use is that many people don’t have all the facts. Some women believe that they should have their Mirena IUD or Paragard IUD removed if they switch sexual partners.

Does the IUD Cause PID and Infertility?
There is a lot of misleading information about IUD and PID. Find out more about the safety of IUDs and their false connection to both pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility

What Advice Convinced You to Get an IUD?
IUDs are the most popular form of reversible birth control in the world. Yet, one of the greatest hurdles facing IUD use is that many have been lead to believe false information about IUDs. If you have had an IUD insertion or IUD removal, what questions are you glad you asked your doctor before having your IUD procedure? What questions proved to be most helpful?

What Led You to Choose an IUD?
During an IUD insertion, an IUD (a small, flexible device) is inserted in the uterus. Many women prefer an IUD because it's hassle-free, safe, long-lasting and extremely effective. Some like how the Paragard IUD doesn’t contain hormones and lasts for 10 years, or that Mirena is an easy progestin-only method lasting 5 years. Why did you choose this method?

Please Share: What is Your IUD Experience?
Are you wondering what to expect during your IUD removal or insertion? Be prepared for your IUD removal or know what to expect during your IUD insertion. Find out about possible complications. See what other women have experienced during their IUD removals. Read fellow readers' IUD stories or share your own.

Skyla vs. Mirena
How do Skyla, Mirena and ParaGard differ? In what ways are they alike?

Wanting to Get an IUD?
Find out how to get the Mirena, Skyla or ParaGard IUD.

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