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Poll: Please Share Your Lybrel Experience

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Updated March 13, 2013

Poll: Please Share Your Lybrel Experience

Lybrel - No More Periods!

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Lybrel Continuous Birth Control - the 365 Day Pill:

Lybrel is approved for continuous birth control use in addition and id designed to completely halt a woman's period. Lybrel offers pregnancy protection and is taken, nonstop, for 365 days a year (without any placebo pills).

Many doctors agree that skipping monthly periods using Lybrel poses no harm -- it can even be helpful for some women. The side effects of extended cycle pills are similar to those of other birth control pills.

Please place your vote on the following Lybrel poll and then feel free to follow it up with a comment by clicking the Leave a Comment Link after answering the poll.

Lybrel Poll:

Now that Lybrel is available, please share your experience with it!

Please click on the link that you wish to vote for.

Please post a comment sharing your experiences with Lybrel!

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