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The NuvaRing encourages you to break free from the pack and discover the “Oh” – this unique contraceptive option is the first and only once-monthly birth control option. The NuvaRing is a flexible and transparent vaginal ring containing estrogen and etonogestrel. Insert it and be free from thinking about birth control for 3 weeks. Cool deal – huh?

Information about the NuvaRing as a method of contraception is presented as well as some of the advantages, disadvantages, reliability, cost, and risks.

What Should I Do if NuvaRing Falls Out?
What should I do if NuvaRing falls out? Is it safe to have sex if the contraceptive ring falls out? Learn what to do if your NuvaRing falls out. Find out what you can do to prevent pregnancy and increase the effectiveness of the NuvaRing.

How to Skip Your Period Using NuvaRing
Learn how to skip your period using the NuvaRing. Women can have no more periods by using the contraceptive ring. Use the ring to skip periods or reduce symptoms through continuous birth control use. Skipping periods is safe and an easy way to avoid your monthly menstrual cycle.

Would You Feel Comfortable Skipping Your Period with the NuvaRing?
Hormonal contraception offers the ability to control when and if you have a monthly period. What’s your opinion of using hormonal contraception to skip periods or shorten how many times your period comes? Is it unnatural or harmful to skip periods? Do you need the security that a monthly period brings? Would you feel comfortable skipping your period?

Medications that Lower NuvaRing's Effectiveness
Certain medications, antibiotics, and herbal supplements can decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraception, like the NuvaRing. Discover what they are, so you increase your chances of success while using the NuvaRing.

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