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How to Use a Female Condom


Updated June 11, 2014

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Position the Female Condom Properly
How to Use a Female Condom
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Before having sex, make sure that the female condom is in the correct position. After you have inserted it, the outer ring (at the open end) should remain about one inch outside of the vagina, resting against the labia (the outer lips of the vagina). Though this may look a bit unusual, but the outer ring adds extra protection; and when the penis is inserted, some of the slack will decrease. Once you have become more comfortable with this method, you will probably not even notice the outer ring anymore.

It is also important that the female condom is hanging straight and is not twisted.

During sex:

  • You may want to add some lubrication directly to the penis, and use your hand to guide it in to make sure that the penis is not inserted underneath or beside the pouch.

  • Don't worry if the female condom moves around or if the outer ring slides from side-to-side as this is normal.

  • If you notice that the female condom is sliding up and down in the vagina (with your partner's penile thrusts), you should add lubrication to the penis and/or inside the pouch.

You must stop, remove and insert a new female condom if:

  • The outer ring is pushed inside the vagina
  • The penis enters the vagina outside of the condom (in between the condom and the vaginal wall)
  • The condom tears
  • The condom bunches or twists inside the vagina
  • You have sex again
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