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How to Insert the Today Sponge


Updated June 27, 2014

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Squat and Insert Today Sponge
How to Insert the Today Sponge

Squat and Insert Sponge

Photo Used with permission from Mayer Laboratories, Inc
In order to insert the Today Sponge, it is easiest to start from a standing position. Then, slightly squat down and spread your legs apart. You can use your free hand to gently spread apart the lips of the vagina. You may also:
  • Choose to remain standing while placing one foot on a stool or chair
  • Sit cross-legged
  • Lie down
However, the semi-squatting position appears to work the best and is the easiest for most women.

Now, slide the sponge into the opening of the vagina as far as your fingers will go. Let the sponge slide through your fingers, so it is inserted even deeper into the vagina.

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