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Plan B One-Step

Plan B One-Step gained FDA-approval on July 13, 2009. Also known as the morning after pill, Plan B One-Step is only one pill (with the progestin levonorgestrel and has replaced the old Plan B. You must be 17 years of age or older buy Plan B One-Step witout a prescription.

Plan B One-Step
Everything you need to know about Plan B One-Step. From what it is to what its not to side effects and costs.

How Plan B Works
Why does FDA labeling on Plan B claim one thing while research proves just the opposite?

Where to Buy Plan B One-Step
Find out where to get Plan B One-Step now that it is available OTC.

Who Can Buy Plan B One-Step?
Confused about who can buy Plan B One-Step or about where to get it? Is generic Plan B available OTC? Let me help you sift through all the information.

How Do I Use Plan B One-Step?
Learn all the steps in using Plan B One-Step.

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