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Prescription Options

Everything you need to know about prescription birth control methods. To use these contraceptives, you need a prescription from a doctor. Prescription methods include hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills, the Ortho Evra Patch, NuvaRing, Depo Provera Shot and Implanon. Barrier prescription birth control includes diaphragms, cervical caps, and shields. IUDS are also included under this category of contraception.
  1. All About Progestin (7)
  2. Contraceptive Injections (4)
  3. Depo Provera (9)
  4. Diaphragms and Cervical Caps (4)
  5. Hormonal Contraception (35)
  6. IUDs (Mirena & ParaGard) (20)
  7. NuvaRing (5)
  8. Ortho Evra Patch (8)
  9. The Pill (47)

The Most Common Prescription Contraceptives
Information about the most common forms of prescription contraceptives. Defintion of prescription contraception as well as descriptions of each birth control method falling under this category.

Implanon - The Birth Control Implant
Implanon, the contraceptive implant is a single rod inserted into the upper arm. An effective and new birth control method, Implanon provides pregnancy protection for up to three years. The contraceptive Implanon slowly releases small amounts of a progestin hormone. The birth control implant procedure is simple and protection usually begins...

Could Teenagers use Implanon?
Should teens be able to Implanon or IUDS? It seems that these using methods can be beneficial for teens and could greatly help prevent teenage unplanned pregnancy.

Nexplanon is the newer version of the birth control implant, Implanon and is now avaialble in the US.

Effectiveness of Prescription Birth Control
A comparison of the effectiveness of all available prescription contraceptives. Compare how each of these birth control methods rate in preventing pregnancy.

Photo Gallery: Prescription Birth Control Methods
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like (and even the feel of it). This may make it easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. Come tour...

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