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Lybrel Poll: Is it Unnatural to Have No More Periods?

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Updated May 14, 2014

Lybrel Poll: Is it Unnatural to Have No More Periods?

Lybrel - No More Periods!

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Lybrel Continuous Birth Control - No More Periods:

Lybrel is the first and only low dose combination birth control pill which offers complete protection from pregnancy without any break and is taken, nonstop, for 365 days a year. The approval of Lybrel concludes a comprehensive review process that included expert advice from a meeting of an FDA's Reproductive Health Drugs advisory committee and an opportunity for public comment on issues regarding hormonal contraception. Wyeth has announced that sales of Lybrel have begun.

Needless to say, a contraceptive like this is not without controversy. Many contend that a period is the epitome of fertility and femininity, and that stopping menstruation is just, well, unnatural. What are your thoughts? Please place your vote on the following Lybrel poll and then feel free to follow it up with a comment by clicking the Leave a Comment Link after answering the poll.

Lybrel Poll:

Is the FDA Approval of Lybrel Taking Things Too Far?

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Please post a comment sharing your thoughts about Lybrel!

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