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Poll: Please Share Your Lybrel Experience

What do you think about the Lybrel continuous birth control pill? Share your Lybrel experience in my Lybrel Poll!

Poll: Would You Be Willing to Try Lybrel?

What do you think about Lybrel? Would you be willing to try Lybrel and have no more periods?

Lybrel Poll: Is it Unnatural to Have No More Periods?

What do you think about the approval of Lybrel? Is it unnatural to have no more periods?

Pay Attention to Your Teen

Parents, did you know that if you just pay attention to your teen, you can greatly influence his/her sexual decisions? Supervising and monitoring teens as well as being involved in their lives can help promote more responsible sexual behaviors.

When Parenting Teenagers, Don’t Assume They’re "Doing It"

Part of parenting teenagers is treating them in a respectful fashion if they come to you about sex and teenage dating advice. Don't make the mistake of assuming teens are having sex just because they come to you with questions.

Two Birth Control Patch Polls

The birth control patch is a weekly patch that releases a combination of estrogen and progestin through the skin into the blood stream. Some women are concerned over the side effects of the patch because, over the years, the FDA has called for stronger label warnings for the Ortho Evra Patch. Patch users may be at increased-risk for blood clots and estrogen exposure. What do YOU think of the birth control patch? Please vote in my Ortho Evra Patch polls.

Birth Control Effectiveness

A comparison of birth control effectiveness... find out the effectiveness of all birth control methods.

Do More Than Lecture About Abstinence

Parents, its time to go beyond lectures on abstinence. Your teen doesn’t want to hear not to have sex. Your teen needs comprehensive contraception information. Teens taught safer sexual practices by their parents are more likely to adopt these behaviors when the time comes.

Teens Have Questions

Teens typically have questions about sex, teenage relationships and contraception but are hesitant to ask. So parents help teens make smarter sexual decisions by anticipating teen questions and answering them. Don't wait for them to come to you.

Help Your Teen Avoid Unhealthy Relationships

Teens may need their parent's help to avoid unhealthy relationships. Do you know what red flags to look for? Help your teen navigate the bumpy road of teenage dating.

Parents - Talk About Sex AND Teen Pregnancy

Parents may not realize that teens are not getting a clear message about teen pregnancy. Don’t assume that they think teen pregnancy is bad (many teens think it’s okay - even glamorous). When talking about sex with your teen (both boys and girls), make sure to discuss the realities and consequences of teen pregnancy.

Teens Need Honest and Healthy Relationships

Don’t be fooled, your teen is greatly influenced by you. So parents, be a positive role model for your teen showing them exactly what honest and healthy relationships look like. During important talks and when providing parenting advice, creating a loving and healthy relationship with your teen can have a greater impact than you’ll ever expect.

Parenting Advice: Teens Care

Teens have offered their own tips about what parenting advice they need in order to handle teenage issues like sex and contraception. Teens want their parents to know that they do care and want their parenting advice and guidance.

Teens Need to Be Prepared

Need to be prepared, teenage relationships, teen sex, oral sex, teenage dating, abstinence, sex talk

How the Pill Works

The pill is arguably the most popular of all hormonal methods. This may make you wonder just how the pill works to prevent pregnancy. Why is the pill and hormonal contraception so effective?

Birth Control Quiz

The more you know about contraception, the more control you will have over deciding if and when you want to become pregnant. With so many birth control options available, you may even be wondering where to start. As with any decision, information is key. How much do you know about contraception? Take my birth control quiz to find out!

Poll: What Are Your Thoughts About Tubal Ligation?

Tubal ligation (or having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of contraception, making a woman permanently sterile (unable to get pregnant). There are two main types of tubal ligation procedures: transabdominal sterilization is a surgery that closes off a woman's fallopian tubes. Hysteroscopic sterilization (the Essure Procedure or Adiana) is the "plugging up" of the fallopian tubes and doesn’t require surgery. What are your thoughts about tubal ligation? Please vote in my tubal ligation poll.

Condom Quiz

Condoms cover a man's penis during sexual intercourse and collect semen before, during, and after he ejaculates and can provide STD protection. Condoms can be made of latex and come in a variety of types – including lubricated, ribbed, colored, thin, and flavored. Choosing a condom type may be confusing. Are you looking for some condom tips? Take my Condom Quiz to test your “condom sense" and to learn important information about condom use.

Birth Control Poll

This is your chance to tell About.com what you want to read more about. Please take our birth control poll and let us know what information you are searching for. Do you have any birth control questions? Looking for birth control myths? Information on Lybrel or other birth control pills? How about Ortho Evra Patch or NuvaRing? Maybe you wish to know more about fertility planning…let your wishes be known!

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