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Guide to What to Expect During the First Year of Depo Provera Use

Information about Depo Provera, the birth control shot. This injection is a reversible method of prescription birth control method. Use this guide to learn what to expect during your first year of using the Depo Provera shot and its newer version, the Depo-subQ Provera 104 Injection. Side effects, such as irregular bleeding, weight gain, and stopping of your period are discussed.

The Essure Permanent Birth Control Procedure

Essure is a non-surgical permanent birth control procedure. This type of hysteroscopic sterilization does not require any incisions and consists of micro-inserts (coil implants) that are inserted into the fallopian tubes. Learn all about the Essure Permanent Birth Control procedure -– what to expect, advantages, risks, and effectiveness.

What Do Religions Say About Birth Control and Family Planning?

For many people, religion plays a significant role in influencing decisions about birth control use. Early Islamic medical texts, ancient Jewish sources, and sacred Hindu scriptures all make reference to contraceptives. Religious views on birth control vary widely. World religions recognize that family planning helps build strong families, protect the health of women and children, reduce child and spousal abuse, and prevent unwanted pregnancies. What do religions say about birth control?

Unplanned Pregnancy Support : Choosing Abortion, Adoption, or Parenting

Unplanned pregnancy support - it is okay to seek help when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Know your pregnancy options – keeping the baby, placing the baby for adoption, or terminating the pregnancy. Checklists included to help clarify your feelings about choosing parenting, adoption, or abortion.

Guide to Birth Control and Safe Water Sex

Is sex under water safe? Some people may tend spice up their sex life while vacationing in romantic places. Having water sex requires planning ahead of time, since birth control that contain spermicide are not suitable for intercourse in the sea, pool, hot tub or bathtub. Follow this guide to knowing which condoms, lubrications, and contraceptives are suitable for sex under water. Information about condom use in pools and hot tubs included.

What To Expect During an IUD Insertion (ParaGard IUD or Mirena IUD)

What to expect during your IUD insertion. Learn about the IUD insertion procedure. Be prepared for your ParaGard IUD insertion or when getting your Mirena IUD. Information about the procedure for inserting intrauterine devices is explained in detail. Know what to expect from when you enter your doctor’s office to after you get home. Each step of the IUD insertion is explained.

How to Use a Female Condom

The female condom is placed in the vagina before sex. It’s a thin, pre-lubricated pouch. The female condom collects sperm before, during and after ejaculation. Using the female condom may be a little bit intimidating. But, once you become familiar with it, female condom use can be easy. Always read the instructions enclosed (in the box) and try to practice inserting the female condom a few times before having sex. Learn more tips on how to use the female condom.

How to Insert the Today Sponge

The Today Sponge is a soft, round barrier device that is about two inches in diameter. It is made of solid polyurethane foam, contains spermicide, and has a nylon loop attached to the bottom for removal. This contraceptive sponge is available over the counter. In order to be effective, the sponge must be inserted properly. Learn, step-by-step, how to insert the Today Sponge.

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