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Talking about birth control must occur in various conversations. Even if it’s embarrassing, these conversations must take place. You need to talk about your contraceptive choices with your partner, and try to make these decisions together. You must also be talking to your doctor about your birth control options and sexual decisions. Be honest during these talks and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Finally, parents and teens (as well as teens and teens) must be talking about sex and birth control. You need input from all of these sources so you can make the most informed sexual decision for you!
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Advice on Talking to Your Partner about Birth Control
Discussing your feelings and decisions about contraception with your partner may be embarrassing, but it is important that you have this discussion. Decisions about birth control methods should be made together. Read tips and advice on how to talk to your partner about contraceptives.

Sex Education
What is the best approach to sex education? Find out how these discussions can impact teen behavior.

How To Respond to Men's Excuses for Not Wanting to Wear a Condom
It is not uncommon for women to hear all types of excuses for why men dont want to wear a condom. Here are some of the more popular reasons that men give. Learn possible ways how to reply to their objections!

What Teens Want To Know When You Talk About Sex
Although nobody really looks forward to the sex talk, find out what your teen needs from you when its time to talk about sex.

What to Ask the Doctor
Many of us find it difficult and embarrassing to talk to a doctor about birth control. You may be thinking, what should I ask the doctor when trying to choose the best birth control options for me? You need to be your own advocate for your sexual health. If you want to as ask the doctor about birth control options, but are feeling a bit unsure about how to begin, here is a list of some helpful doctor advice.

Teens Need to Be Prepared
Teenage relationships can be a tricky area for parents to deal with. Find out what mistakes teens feel their parents make when having the sex talk.

Parenting Advice: Teens Care
Teens have offered their own tips about what parenting advice they need in order to handle teenage issues like sex and contraception. Teens want their parents to know that they do care.

Teens Need Honest and Healthy Relationships
Don’t be fooled, your teen is greatly influenced by you. So parents, be a positive role model for your teen and create a loving and healthy relationship with your teen - it can make all the difference.

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