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Poll: What Are Your Thoughts About Tubal Ligation?

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Updated April 03, 2010

Poll: What Are Your Thoughts About Tubal Ligation?

Tubal Ligation

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Tubal ligation (or having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of contraception, making a woman permanently sterile (unable to get pregnant). This procedure is usually recommended for adult women who are certain that they do not want to get pregnant in the future. A tubal ligation is a popular choice because women realize this method can offer extremely effective pregnancy protection for the rest of their reproductive years. Women also tend to prefer tubal ligation because of its convenience and lack of side effects that are associated with temporary birth control methods.

There are two main types of tubal ligation procedures:

  • Transabdominal sterilization is a surgery that closes off a woman's fallopian tubes. Once the tubes are sealed, sperm will not be able to fertilize an egg, so pregnancy can't take place. There are several methods by which this can be achieved.

  • Hysteroscopic sterilization is the "plugging up" of the fallopian tubes to prevent fertilization. These procedures do not require surgery. Currently, a woman can choose either the Essure Procedure or Adiana.

TUBAL LIGATION POLL: What Are Your Thoughts About Tubal Ligation?

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