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How Soon Do I Need To Make a Decision About My Unplanned Pregnancy?


Updated October 20, 2009

Question: How Soon Do I Need To Make a Decision About My Unplanned Pregnancy?
Answer: It’s best to make a decision as soon as possible -- and the reasons why vary depending on the choice you end up making.

Two choices available to you are continuing with your pregnancy with the intention of becoming a parent and planning to place the baby up for adoption. If you're considering either one of these options, make sure you're taking care of yourself as you're coming to your final decision. This way, should you indeed decide to continue with the pregnancy, your body is as healthy as it can be. You should also seek prenatal care as soon as possible. This should include a doctor’s visit, early on, to ensure that the pregnancy is healthy, progressing properly, and that you are doing well physically.

Having an abortion to terminate the pregnancy is another option. Generally speaking, an abortion is an extremely safe option. Early abortions tend to be easier, safer, and less expensive than abortions taking place later in a pregnancy.

It's important to decide what course you want to take as early as possible so that you get the care you need and minimize any potential health risks.

Resources for Making Your Decision

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