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Contraception: Most Popular Articles

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Am I Pregnant? Quiz – Having Pregnancy...
Are you having pregnancy symptoms? Figure out whether or not you could be pregnant by taking our simple Am I Pregnant quiz.
What You Can Expect During Your IUD Removal
Learn what to expect during an IUD removal. Be prepared for your ParaGard, Skyla or Mirena removal. IUD removal tends to be easier and less painful than insertion.
You Mean You Don't Know Your Penis Size?
When looking for the perfect condom, you must know your penis size. Everything you need to know about how to measure your penis size in three simple steps.
Condom Size Chart - Pick Your Perfect Condom Size
Look no farther - here is the condom size chart you've been waiting for! From snug to XL, this condom size chart will help you find the perfect condom.
What To Expect During an IUD Insertion
What to expect during your IUD insertion. Know what to expect from when you enter your doctor’s office to after you get home.
7 Steps for Preventing Pregnancy by Checking...
Learn about ways to prevent IUD failure when using either the Mirena IUD or the ParaGard IUD. Find out how to correctly check your IUD strings to make sure your IUD is still in place.
Can You Buy Birth Control Pills Over-the-Counter?
One of the most common questions that people ask me is whether or not they can buy birth control pills over the counter.
Depo Provera Bleeding: Will It Ever Stop?
Unscheduled or continous depo bleeding leads many women stop using Depo Provera. Are you wondering if your depo bleeding will ever stop?
Should You Be Worried if You Can't Feel Your...
Missing IUD strings may be a sign that your IUD has moved out of place. If you tried to check your IUD strings and can’t feel them, find out what you should do.
Am I Pregnant Quiz - See if Your Birth Control...
What if I am pregnant? Many women may be thinking this if their period is late. Other questions you may have could include: Am I pregnant? When will I know, and how can I tell if I'm pregnant? What do I do if I might be pregnant? Find out some of the common signs and symptoms of early pregnancy. Use this information or take our pregnancy quiz to find out your chances of being pregnant due to contraception failure. Information provided to help women determine if their birth control failed.
How Much Do You Know About the Female Body?
Knowing about your menstrual cycle and when you ovulate can help to understand when conception can occur. What you need to know about the female body.
Learn the Risks of an IUD Pregnancy
Even though IUDs are over 99% effective, less than 1% of the time, a woman will have an IUD pregnancy. If this happens to you, learn how manage an IUD pregnancy.
Is The Contraceptive Implant Nexplanon Right...
Nexplanon is the newer version of the birth control implant, Implanon. It only contains progestin and provides three years of pregnancy protection. Nexplanon is now available in the United States.
The 8 Kinds of Progestin in Your Birth Control
There are eight progestin types that are used in oral contraceptives. Learn about first generation, second generation, and third generation progestins.
Had Unprotected Sex? Take Action!
Did you have unprotected sex? If so, take action! Really, Take Action is a morning-after pill and the generic alternative to Teva's Plan B One-Step. Is it for you?
Condoms in All Shapes, Colors and Styles - Oh My!
When choosing a condom, consider whether it is for sex play or for contraception. Read the label to see if it is FDA approved and check the expiration date.
The Right Way to Switch to a New Birth Control...
Are you thinking about switching to a new pill? If so, learn the steps that you need to take to change pills the correct way and avoid getting pregnant.
Are Home Pregnancy Tests Always Accurate?
How accurate are home pregnancy tests - really? Learn how home pregnancy tests work, the accuracy of home pregnancy tests, and whether to trust the results.
Can Taking Birth Control Pills While Pregnant...
Did you get pregnant while using the pill and are worrying if the pill may harm the baby? Good news: there's no solid evidence that the pill causes harm.
Do You Know When You Ovulate?
Many women want to know when do you ovulate? Find out who ovulates as well as what leads up to ovulation, when ovulation occurs and what happens afterwards.
Using NuvaRing and Want to Skip a Period? Try...
Learn how to skip your period using the NuvaRing. Women can have no more periods by using the contraceptive ring. Use the ring to skip periods or reduce symptoms through continuous birth control use. Skipping periods is safe and an easy way to avoid your monthly menstrual cycle.
Skyla vs. Mirena: Battle of the IUDs
How does the Skyla IUD differ from Mirena? Skyla, Mirena, and ParaGard IUDs have some things in common, but not all IUDs are created equally.
What is Loestrin and How Is It Different From...
Loestrin and Lo Loestrin Fe are birth control pills that contain ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone. How are they different from typical 28 day pills?
10 Medications That Can Make Your Birth Control...
Certain medications and supplements can cause interactions with the pill (and other hormonal contraception). Discover what drugs lower ths pill's effectiveness.
How Accurate Are Blood Pregnancy Tests?
Information about blood pregnancy tests. Pregnancy tests detect the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the blood. Learn what to expect from a blood pregnancy tests. The differences between quantitative and qualitative blood tests are explained as well as how blood pregnancy tests compare to home pregnancy or urine tests. The accuracy of blood pregnancy tests is also explored.
Are You Having a Fake Period?
Is withdrawal bleeding the same as menstrual periods? Find out why this is also known as a fake period and happens if you're using hormonal birth control.
Crazy Myths About Underwater Sex
Is sex under water safe? Can a woman become pregnant during under water sex? Crazy myths about sex in jacuzzis, hot tubs, pools and ocean.
The Right Way to Take a Home Pregnancy Test
Information about home pregnancy tests. Find out how to use a home pregnancy test as well as when to take a pregnancy test. Plus, learn tips about home pregnancy testing.
What You Can Expect During the First Year of...
Use this guide to learn what to expect during your first year of using the Depo Provera Shot and its newer version, the Depo-subQ Provera 104 Injection.
What You Should Know About the ParaGard...
ParaGard, the Copper T 380A, is an IUD that releases copper, so it is 100% hormone-free. Better yet, ParaGard also lasts for 10 years!
OMG -Did My Birth Control Fail? How to Tell If...
What if I'm pregnant? Did my birth control fail? You may be thinking this if your period is late. How can I tell if I'm pregnant? What do I do?
12 Responses to Men’s Excuses for Not...
Wondering how to respond to men's excuses for not wanting to wear a condom? Here are some common condom excuses and ways to reply to their objections!
Are IUDs Safe? The Truth About Possible IUD...
Are IUDs safe? There is so much stigma around IUD safety. Here's the truth about IUD risks and possible Mirena, Skyla, and ParaGard IUD complications.
What Is the Role of Progestin in Birth Control?
What is progestin and how is it classified in birth control pills? The role progestin plays has to do with its estrogenic effects, androgenic effects, and progestational selectivity.
Is Mirena a Safe and Effective IUD Option?
Mirena IUD provides up to 5 years of birth control by slowly releasing progestin. Mirena is safe and very effective. Is this your perfect IUD option?
A Guide to Choosing the Right Birth Control Pill
With so many birth control pill brands available, how do you know which pill is the best one to minimize birth control effects? Use this guide.
Why Condom Sizes Matter
Do condom sizes really matter? You bet they do! Learn why it's important to have the right size condom and how to find the best condom match for you.
Understanding the Three Types of Birth Control...
There are three types of combination pills. Birth control pills can be monophasic, biphasic or triphasic. Learn about each type of phasic combination pill.
The 6 Types of Spermicide
Spermicides are barrier birth control methods that are available over the counter. Once inserted, this contraceptive method kills sperm. Vaginal spermicides are available in several forms, like spermicidal jelly, cream, foam, tablets, suppositories, sponge and film. Spermicide is inserted into the vagina just before intercourse to prevent pregnancy.
The Ultimate Guide to Safe Sex Under Water
Is sex under water safe? It is fun! And can really spice up your sex life while vacationing in romantic places. But water sex requires planning. Follow this guide for safe sex under water.
7 Common Depo Provera Side Effects
Depo Provera side effects may occur as your body adjusts to the progestin. There is no way to know ahead of time if you will have these side effects.
What's So Great About Latex Condoms?
Latex condoms are the most widely available and least expensive of all the condoms. They are made with latex and can prevent both pregnancy and STDs.
What You Should Know About Implanon
Implanon, a contraceptive implant, is a single rod inserted into the upper arm. Nexplanon has replaced Implanon, so this implant is no longer available.
What You Should Know About Getting the 'Birth...
Everything about Depo Provera, the birth control shot. Do you know the difference between Depo Provera and the Depo-subQ Provera 104 shot? Learn more.
What Happens When a Fertilized Egg Is Implanted?
When does pregnancy officially start? Hmm... at conception? Maybe at implantation? Or somewhere in between? Come find out!
Everything You Need to Know About Condoms
Do you know everything you need to know about condoms? Learn all about condoms as well as what you need to be aware of if you use them.
Birth Control: When Should You Be Especially...
A woman is most fertile and more likely to get pregnant when having intercourse around the time that she ovulates - read more on determining when one is most fertile, tips on predicting ovulation, and learning about the certain times to be most careful. Find out how to manage your fertility.
Real Women Discuss Their Experiences with Depo...
Do you use Depo Provera to prevent pregnancy? Maybe you are considering whether to switch your current birth control method to the Depo Shot. Are you concerned about Depo side effects like spotting, weight gain or bone loss? Depo Provera and Depo-subQ Provera 104 protect against pregnancy for a period of 11-14 weeks. Depo also has FDA approval to treat endometriosis-related pain. Find out what real women, like you, are sharing about their experiences with Depo and join in the conversations.
9 Tips for Using a Combo of Birth Control Pills
Combination birth control pills are oral contraceptives that combine estrogens and progestins, similar to the natural sex hormones produced in a woman's body. Find out how to use combination birth control pills. Instructions for starting the pill as well as what to do if you forget to take a pill are also included.
What’s the Procedure for the Abortion...
Learn how to use RU486 and what to expect after using the abortion pill. This FDA-approved medical abortion is a safe way to have a non-surgical abortion. RU486 (Mifeprex) can effectively terminate an early pregnancy. Information on how to use the abortion pill and how to obtain a medical abortion with RU486.
Will the Depo Provera Shot Cause Me to Get Fat?
The Depo Shot or birth control shot is very effective and has a low failure rate. But, unfortunately, weight gain is a side effect of Depo Provera.
10 Common Myths About the Birth Control Pill
There are many common myths about the pill - here are the top 10 pill myths. Learn the truth about the pill!
How Safe Is Continuous Birth Control?
Women are having no more periods by using extended cycle pills. Is it safe to skip periods? The truth about the safety of continuous birth control pills.
Tubal Ligation: What Are Your Options?
Tubal ligation (also known as having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of female sterilization. This is a surgical procedure that closes off a woman's fallopian tubes. Learn more about the various surgical tubal ligation procedures such as laparoscopy, mini-laparoscopy, and laparotomy (open tubal ligation), as well as what to expect. All methods presented include incisions.
Do You Know How to Use a Condom?
If you want your condoms to work, you need to know how to properly use condoms. Let’s face it, condoms break. Around 2-5% of all condoms tear during condom use. Find out about how to prevent condom failure and use condoms the correct way.
What Is The Abortion Pill (RU486)?
Learn factual information about RU486, the abortion pill. This FDA-approved medical abortion pill is a safe way to have a nonsurgical abortion. RU486 (Mifeprex) can effectively terminate an early pregnancy.
Don't Be Fooled By These 10 Birth Control Myths
Do you believe any of these sex myths? What are some common birth control myths? Time to separate the facts from the fiction.
Effective, Long-lasting, and Reversible: An IUD...
An IUD is a small, flexible contraceptive device shaped like the letter T. Long-lasting, super effective and completely reversible, an IUD may be just what you need!
Here's How a Home Pregnancy Test Works
There are many different types and brands of home pregnancy tests, but they all function in the same manner - they check a woman's urine for presence of hCG hormone. Blood pregnancy tests check for the same hCG hormone, only these detect the hormone in the blood and must be performed at a doctor's office.
How Effective Is Next Choice for Emergency...
Next Choice is generic Plan B and is also known as the morning after pill. The generic Plan B consists of two levonorgestrel pills. Use Next Choice up to 3 days after unprotected sex or contraception failure. This generic Plan B can be bought OTC by age 17 and older.
A Must Know Tip: 6 Steps to Skipping Your...
Skipping your period using the pill is easy and completely safe. Follow these 6 steps and you will be period-free anytime you feel the need!
So What's the Deal With Polyurethane Condoms?
Polyurethane condoms are made of a type of plastic, are thinner, and have a looser-fit. They are a good alternative if you are allergic to latex condoms.
What to Know Before You Go Buy Condoms
Though condoms seem to get a bad rap (no pun intended), find out what you need to know before you go buy condoms.
What Are Condoms Made Of?
Have you ever stopped to wonder what condoms are made of? Many condom manufacturers don't tell you this information. What's in your favorite condoms?
Abortion Facts Every Woman Should Know
Abortion means ending a pregnancy. Given that unintended pregnancy is an issue that affects thousands of people each year, abortion is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the United States. Learn about abortion facts, reasons for abortion, and various abortion procedures.
Lybrel Birth Control is Now Discontinued
Lybrel was the first FDA-aproved birth control pill designed to eliminate women's monthly periods. Lybrel has been discontinued but a generic brand is available.
9 Steps to Putting a Condom on with Your Mouth
Want to spice up your sex life? Learn how to put a condom on with your mouth. This sexy surprise may be a little tricky, so here's step-by-step instructions.
7 Silicone-Based Lubricants to Help Seal the Deal
A silicone lubricant is safe to use with condoms and doesn't dry up like water based lubricants. It can also be used for water sex. The only question... which one to use?
The Nitty-Gritty on How Birth Control Stops...
Birth control can stop ovulation each month. The continuous release of hormones from your birth control can prevent your egg from being released.
What Are Combination Birth Control Pills?
Combination birth control pills have both estrogen and progestin. Learn all about the different brands of combination birth control pills, how they work, available pack sizes - everything you need to know!
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of the contraceptive, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See what IUDs, like the Mirena IUD and ParaGard IUD look like. Page 8.
What Are the Different Methods of Abortion?
An abortion is a procedure where a woman chooses to end her pregnancy. There are both medical and surgical methods of abortion. What stage you are in a pregnancy determines which methods of abortion are used. Learn about available methods of abortion.
Are Two Condoms Better Than One?
Does using two condoms provide better pregnancy protection than just using one? Double bagging condoms may seem like a good idea, should you do it?
Is a Vasectomy an Affordable Option?
How much does a vasectomy cost? Does insurance cover vasectomies? Does the cost of a vasectomy vary depending on where it is performed? Find out the answers to these questions and more.
OMG! My NuvaRing Fell Out - What Should I Do?
What should I do if NuvaRing falls out? Is it safe to have sex if the contraceptive ring falls out? Learn what to do if your NuvaRing falls out. Find out what you can do to prevent pregnancy and increase the effectiveness of the NuvaRing.
When Should You Take Your Combination Birth...
Do you know when to take the Pill? When using combination birth control pills, not only is it important to be taking the Pill at the same time each day, but you must also consider travel plans and Daylight Saving time changes into account. Learn when to take the Pill when you are in different time zones.
Can a Vasectomy Lower Your Sex Drive?
Many men put off having a vasectomy over fears of a link between a vasectomy and sex drive. The good news? There is no connection between vasectomy and lower sex drive or decreased masculinity. Find out why.
10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want Effective...
Even though no birth control method is 100% effective, there are things that you should and shouldn’t do to make your birth control more effective.
Skipping Your Period With the Patch
Learn how to skip your period using the Ortho Evra Patch. Women can have no more periods by using the contraceptive patch. Use the patch to skip periods or reduce symptoms through continuous birth control use. Skipping periods is safe and an easy way to avoid your monthly menstrual cycle.
What is the Billings Method?
The Billings method is a form of natural birth control. The Billings method, also referred to as the Billings ovulation method, ovulation method or cervical mucus method, seeks to teach women how to recognize their own fertility patterns, so they can choose when to avoid sexual contact (to prevent pregnancy) or initiate sexual contact (in the attempt to conceive).
Amethyst is Generic Lybrel
Amethyst birth control pill is the generic Lybrel. It is continuous birth control - so take Amethyst and say goodbye to your monthly periods.
What Are Lambskin Condoms?
Lambskin condoms (Naturalamb or sheepskin condoms) are made of a natural membrane. They are the oldest type of condom and have a more natural feel.
Do You Need a Condom for Pool or Hot Tub Sex?
I heard somewhere that the chemicals in hot tubs kill sperm or lower sperm count, so it is unlikely you can get pregnant having sex in one. Do you need a condom for pool sex? Do they work? Better yet –- if having hot tub sex, do I even need to worry about protection?
Meet Ella, a New Morning-After Pill
Ella is a new type of morning-after pill. It consists of one ulipristal acetate, 30 mg, pill. Ella can be taken 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected sex or contraception failure.
Can You Use an IUD If You’ve Never Given...
For years, nulliparous women have been using IUDs like Mirena and ParaGard. Is this safe? Learn what ACOG and research suggest about IUD use in nulliparous women.
What is the My Way Morning-After Pill?
The My Way morning-after pill is the generic version of Plan B One-Step. The My Way pill can help prevent pregnancy if you had unprotected sex or contraception failure.
Effective Birth Control Methods for Overweight...
Obese or overweight women may not realize that their weight may be making their birth control method less effective. Find out which are the most effective birth control methods for overweight women.
Must Knows About Starting and Stopping Depo...
Before starting Depo Provera, know these issues. Did you know getting pregnant after Depo Provera may take awhile? Why do women report stopping Depo Provera use?
What Are Your Birth Control Options?
There are so many birth control methods for you to choose from. Are you aware of all of your birth control options? Which birth control methods do you want to learn more about? All types of birth control awaits you – from natural family planning, to over-the-counter methods, to prescription birth control (including hormonal contraceptives) to sterilization - permanent birth control methods. Find out about your birth control options.
Are Progestin-Only Birth Control Pills For You?
The progestin-only birth control pill (also known as the minipill) doesn't contain estrogen. Find out if progestin-only pills are a good option for you.
IUDs and Nexplanon for Teens - Yes or No?
Is IUD birth control for teenagers safe? Should teenagers use Nexplanon?
Trista Sutter Seeks Essure
Trista Sutter is openly talking about her Essure decision. The decision to seek permanent birth control is a major one. You can choose between a tubal ligation, surgery that closes off the fallopian tubes (having your tubes tied) or Essure (a non-surgical permanent birth control procedure). If you’ve already decided that permanent sterilization is the way to go, the Essure procedure may be the right choice for you. Read Trista Sutter’s Essure story.
Do You Need to Take Ethinyl Estradiol...
Ethinyl estradiol is a synthentic estrogen. It is often safely used along with a progestin in many hormonal contraceptives. Do you know what ethinyl estradiol is? How it works? Or which birth control it is in? If not, come find out!
Real Women Discuss Their Experiences with the...
Do you use the birth control pill, Lybrel, to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Or are you considering switching? Here's what some users think about Lybrel.
9 Steps to Help You Through an Unplanned...
Am I pregnant? Did my birth control fail? Many women may be thinking this if their period is late. Not sure what to do? If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you are not alone.
Need Advice About How to Talk to Your Doctor...
It may be difficult to talk to your doctor about birth control. Are you wondering what you should ask the doctor? How to advocate for your sexual health.
Why the Buzz Over Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex...
Lifestyles SKYN condoms are polyisoprene, non-latex condoms. SKYN condoms are softer, feel more natural than latex condoms and are receiving rave reviews.
Do You Know What Emergency Contraception Is?
What are the types of emergency contraception and how do they work? How well does EC work? Read accurate and medically-based answers to all these questions.
Can Women Use Hormonal Contraception After Age...
If you are a woman age 40 or older, then listen up! It seems that your available birth control options just expanded - no longer will your choices be limited to having your tubes tied or relying on permanent birth control. Research shows that hormonal contraception after age 40 or for older moms may now be an option. For older women contraception options have been broadened, so sex after age 40 can sizzle. Learn how increased estrogen birth control options may lead to carefree sexual encounters.
What Type of Condom Should You Use?
Deciding about condom use and condom types may seem like a hard choice.
Birth Control Quiz
Birth Control Quiz Take Our Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Some of the Available Birth Control
New Sexual Partner = New IUD?
A great hurdle facing IUD use is that many people don’t have all the facts. Do you believe that you should have your IUD removed if you switch sexual partners?
What Do Religions Say About Birth Control and...
For many people, religion plays a significant role in influencing decisions about birth control use. Early Islamic medical texts, ancient Jewish sources, and sacred Hindu scriptures all make reference to contraceptives. Religious views on birth control vary widely. World religions recognize that family planning helps build strong families, protect the health of women and children, reduce child and spousal abuse, and prevent unwanted pregnancies. What do religions say about birth control?
What to You Need to Know About the Essure...
The Essure procedure is hysteroscopic sterilization. Learn all about the Essure permanent birth control procedure - what to expect and its risks.
Cervical Cap
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of a cervical cap, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See what a cervical cap, Femcap, Leas Shield and other prescription birth control methods look like. Page 9.
Should You Use a Diaphragm?
What is a diaphragm? It's a dome-shaped cup that fits over the cervix's opening and prevents pregnancy. Find out how a diaphragm works. Is it for you?
Should You Use the Today Sponge?
Everything you need to know about the Today Sponge. And yes... this over-the-counter birth control method is available again!
How Do I Use the Morning-After Pill?
Need to know how to use the morning-after pill? Learn when to use and how to use the morning-after pill and the additional things you need to be aware of.
How Plan B Really Works - Why Research Says One...
There is still great disagreement about how Plan B works. Whereas research and the medical community say one thing, FDA labeling on how Plan B works says another. Where does this controversy stem from?
Daylight Saving Time and Your Birth Control Pill
When Daylight Saving Time goes into effect, do you know when to take your pill?
How the Pill Works
The pill is arguably the most popular of all hormonal methods. This may make you wonder just how the pill works to prevent pregnancy. Why is the pill and hormonal contraception so effective?
How to Make the Fertility Awareness Method Work...
When used correctly, the fertility awareness method can be an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Learn tips for increasing success amd prevent failure while using fertility awareness methods.
Why LARCs (Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive...
Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) are very effective, long-term birth control options and include ParaGard, Mirena, and Skyla IUDs and the implant Nexplanon.
What Does Having Your ‘Tubes Tied’...
Tubal ligation (also known as having one's tubes tied) is a permanent form of female sterilization. Everything you need to know about tubal ligation.
5 Natural Birth Control Methods
Natural birth control includes specific actions that people can naturally do to help prevent an unintended pregnancy. Natural contraception often does not cost anything and usually has no side effects. Learn more about natural birth control methods.
Does the IUD Cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease...
Learn more about the relationship-if any-between IUD use and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
Are Yaz Birth Control Pills For You?
Yaz is a birth control pill that is also FDA-approved to help treat PMDD and moderate acne. Find out more about Yaz side effects, blood clot risk, and costs.
What Birth Control Can I Buy Over-The-Counter?
Wondering what contraception you can now buy OTC? Learn about the most common over-the-counter birth control methods.
Dental Dams
Dental dams are a barrier method that can protect against HIV and other sexually STDs during oral sex (cunnilingus) and oral-anal sex (rimming or anilingus). Dental dams are usually made from latex and consist of a small square or rectangle of material. Sometimes, dental dams can be hard to find and can be somewhat expensive. The good news though, is that you can easily make dental dams at home with a condom and a pair of scissors.
Everything You Need to Know About Birth Control...
Learn all about birth control pills. Information about the types of birth control pills, non contraceptive benefits, and effectiveness. Is the pill right for you?
Should You Use the NuvaRing?
What is NuvaRing? Wondering about NuvaRing side effects, advantages, effectiveness and cost? Find out what you need to know about this birth control method.
Main Reason For Birth Control Failure
Find out the main reason for birth control failure. Birth control fails for many reasons. Learn the top action that contributes to contraceptive failure.
Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo
Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo is a triphasic, lower hormone birth control pill designed to more naturally mimic your monthly cycle. Curious to learn more about Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo?
Can Your iPhone Help Predict Your Fertility?
If your iPhone has become an essential part of your life, so why not use it to assist in Natural Family Planning? Some great fertility chart iPhone apps have been developed and could be worth your taking a closer look at.
What Is a Mini Laparotomy?
Mini-laparotomy is one of the two most common tubal ligation methods. It is typically performed after childbirth and doesn't require a laparoscope.
Come Meet Skyla... Mirena IUD's Little Sis!
Introducing Skyla, the new mini IUD, Mirena's little sister. Want long-term, effective protection and haven't had a child? Sklya may be for you!
Ask Yourself These 10 Questions About...
When choosing a birth control method, you need to weigh all your pros and cons. You should also know the following questions to ask yourself.
So You Want to Get an IUD?
Wondering about how to get an IUD? Mirena, Skyla and ParaGard are great IUD options. Are you a good IUD candidate?
What Is Plan B One-Step for Emergency...
Plan B One-Step is a form of emergency contraception that consists of just one oral pill. It can be used by women to prevent an unintended pregnancy after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure.
Female Condoms
Information about the female condom as a method of contraception is presented, as well reliability, costs, things to be aware of, and where to obtain. All about the female condom: how to use it, what are the benefits and disadvantages, female condom & prevention of pregnancy, reuse of female condom.
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of the contraceptive, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See a diaphragm picture and what gynol or spermicide (that you must use with diaphragms) looks like. Page 4.
Why Do Women Have Abortions? Common Reasons...
The decision to have an abortion is generally decided by both diverse and interrelated reasons. Most women usually cite several reasons for abortion.
How Do Hormones Cause Ovulation?
An explanation of how hormones work together to cause ovulation, such as the hypothalamus in the brain producing GnRH (gonadotropinreleasing hormone.)
What if the Patch Falls Off or I Forget to...
If your birth control patch falls off or you forgot to change it, don’t fear! Follow these guidelines to know what to do incase you have a problem while using the patch.
Condom Quiz
Condom Quiz Take Our Quiz To Find Out How Much You Know About Condoms and Test Your Condom Sense Sorry,
What is contraception? What types of devices, sexual practices, chemicals, drugs, or surgical procedures count as contraception.
Does Progestin-Only Birth Control Have Side...
Side effects of progestin-only birth control are common when you first begin a progestin contraceptive. The good news is that they usually don't last long.
Reasons Why The Pill May Fail
Pill failure happens. Knowing some of the simple reasons why the pill may fail can help better your chances of preventing oral contraceptive failure.
Best Advice for Parents... What Teens Want To...
Parents, do you know what teens want to know about sex? Make the sex talk easier - know what your teen needs from you when its time to talk about sex.
Does the Pill Work as a PMDD Treatment?
Hormonal contraception like the birth control pill and extended-cycle pills may offer some PMS relief as well as diminish PMDD symptoms, enough to be considered part of a PMDD treatment plan.
Birth Control Methods
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of the contraceptive, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See what birth control pills, the Mirena IUD and other prescription birth control methods look like.
Top 10 Myths About STD Risks
The US has the most cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Do you know your STD risks? Here are some common STD myths. Learn how to protect yourself.
The Morning-After Pill vs. The Abortion Pill -...
The morning-after pill is often confused with the abortion pill. These pills are not the same and have completely different purposes. Learn the facts.
Depo Provera
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of the contraceptive, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See what Depo Provera, Depo subQ Provera and other prescription birth control methods look like. Page 5.
Should You Use the Ortho Evra Patch?
The Ortho Evra Patch is as effective as the pill but even simpler. Answers to your questions about the Ortho Evra once-a-week birth control patch.
Birth Control Pills
When deciding between birth control methods or talking about contraceptive options, it could be helpful to familiarize yourself with what the contraceptive looks like. By familiarizing yourself with, at least the look (and even the feel) of the contraceptive, it may be easier to choose a method that you feel comfortable with or overcome some of the embarrassment about discussing your options. See what birth control pills, the Mirena IUD and other prescription birth control methods look like.
9 Tips for Safely Storing Your Birth Control
Proper (or improper) storage can impact how well your birth control works. Condoms can be stored in condom cases or condom cubes in a cool, dry and dark place (away from humidity, heat, air, and sunlight). Birth control pills also need to be properly stored. Birth control compacts or discreet pill cases can keep oral contraceptives away from light, moisture and children. Here are some tips for safely storing birth control.
Is Seasonique Safe? What to Know About This...
Seasonique is an extended cycle birth control pill that is used to prevent pregnancy. Women will have fewer periods with Seasonique – only 4 periods a year. Is this pill safe?
Should You Use Progestin-Only Birth Control...
Some women may wish to use hormonal birth control but may not be able to choose a method due to estrogen intolerance. Progestin birth control options may be a great hormonal alternative as progestin only birth control methods tend to be safer for certain women.
What Is Next Choice One Dose for Emergency...
Next Choice One Dose is the generic version of the morning-after pill, Plan B One-Step. Lower your chance of pregnancy by taking Next Choice One Dose within 72 hours of unprotected sex.
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