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Reader Reviews : What are the Best Condoms or the Worst Condoms?


Updated September 13, 2010

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is, what are the best condoms? So, I decided to ask all of you!

I’ve created this place for you to rate and review the condom brands and condom types that you have tried – all in the attempt to inform others about the best condoms out there (or maybe even the worst condoms). Do you prefer latex condoms or polyurethane ones? Don’t forget about female condoms... you can review those here, too! If the condom is thin, fruity, colorful, studded or pleasure-shaped, please review it. If you love (or hate) a condom, this is your platform to share your opinion with the world.

Lifestyles SKYN - Best Condoms!

These condoms are awesome. They are a little thicker than regular condoms but soft - its weird. I like how it stretches without hurting. I can also feel EVERYTHING! They do cost more than latex condo…More

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